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Top Five Questions You Should Never Ask A Writer

We all know how sensitive we are as writers. It can take a long time to actually embrace the title of Writer, so let’s not kill it for other writers.

There are FIVE Questions NOT to ask someone who you meet and say they’re a writer.

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1. Where can I buy your book?

Come on! If my book was published and ready to go, don’t you think I’d have it in my bag along with an iPad and Square ready to sell it to you?

Dang Fellow Writer… you can’t buy my book because it hasn’t been published 😭. Cut me some slack you sexy scribe and know that it’s on it’s way.

I’m still a writer.

2. Who’s your agent? publisher?

Please see question and answer one.

If there was an agent and publisher then I’d have a shirt made up to provide with said book that’s clinging to the damn iPad and Square.

I’m still a writer though!

3. So, what’s your book about?

While you may think this is safe question, it’s a trap… I know it is.

What do you mean what’s my book about? What kind of stupid question is that?

Do you mean my first shitty draft, or my twelfth shittier than anything I’ve ever written draft.

Or perhaps you’re referring to the other book I have brewing in the background of my manuscript? Or the one I started on my other laptop…the one I haven’t told anyone about yet. So, yeah, that’s a loaded and unfair question!

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That’s it. It’s a stupid question. I could take all afternoon to tell you what my book is about but you wouldn’t understand.

It’s about stuff, dammit… And, it’s good. Really good.

I’m a writer after all, and I don’t need this kind of probing questions. I have integrity.

4. Hey, my Grandma has a great story. Would you write her memoir?

Um… No.

Seriously, I’m a writer. You go write your granny’s story.

5. Are they going to make a movie of your book soon?

Seriously, people. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Ugh. So much to share. So little to give.

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Writers Be Prepared

But I’m a writer dammit and don’t you (or you, or you, or you) ever forget it!!

Check out these following links as they may help.

Imposter syndrome is not allowed and writers, you really do need to practice the answers to the above questions.

In all seriousness, they are the most common questions asked and you should be ready.

And remember, You Are a Writer. Claim it!

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