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WWW Wednesday #43 the Whimsy of a Dog

This week has been particularly cool where we live, but that hasn’t stopped our golden retriever, Piper from dragging all her toys outside to leave them in the cold rains.

She shakes the snot out of her toys and then places them gently somewhere on the driveway.

This was Day One.

Here, Piper has set her beautiful and ever faithful orange octopus named Octo, onto of a pile of rocks at the end of the driveway. She set it just so and it looked like Octo was our family greeter. Welcome…. Come on in. 🤗

This was Day Two:

This is Roro placed just so within the recently planted pot of spring flowers.

As you can tell by Roro’s armpits and head wounds, he’s had better days… but to lay amongst the flowers. How lovely. 🤣

Then there’s Day Three:

I take Piper for a walk around the hood. She elects to bring Octo and then a block away, drops Octo–face down no less–and chooses a stick. Ugh.🤦🏻‍♀️

Perhaps she’s got a few too many toys. Ahhhh, the whimsey of the dog. ❤️


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