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What are You Streaming? Tell me now…

I read a lot and I also love going to the movies. It makes me happy.

It makes me real happy to see something I’ve recently read become a hit series streaming through Netflix, Prime, or Apple…

The Movie Theaters are Behind Times

The other day the new listing came our for our local theater and it seemed the choices were either Tom Cruise (no thanks), old England times two, a gore fest, Marvel (already saw), and of course a remake of an old book into a movie that’s already been done.

Been there done that.

Where is the imagination?

Fire Starter is based on a novel by Stephen King and was made in 1984 with Drew Barrymore as the girl who could start fires with her mind.

Why do we keep seeing the same things redone over and over again.

Stop Pushing the Same Old…

It’s the same in some book stores too. Titles that were popular 25 years ago are being reinvented with fresh covers and today’s realities, but the stories are the same.

There are millions of stories out there in our world. Why do we need to rehash old ones? Let’s give some new authors the shot at a number one spot!

Like the Fresh Bridgerton Escapades!

Have you read the historical romance novel series The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn?

This is not my normal reading and in fact I found it difficult to read, BUT the series on Netflix produced by Shonda Rhimes, is so entertaining. The series isn’t for everyone as it’s a tad bit risqué but I highly recommend it.

And then, there’s Ted Lasso on Apple TV. Unique, funny, heartwarming and so not Hollywood. Again I’d highly recommend it.

The Man in the High Castle–is another great series on Prime.

Little Fires Everywhere–Prime. Based on the book by Celeste Ng. The movie and book are excellent.

So, here’s the thing…

The point I’m trying to make is that there’s a lot more out there than something that was popular thirty or forty years ago!

Tell me what you’re watching that’s fresh and clever–that isn’t scream fest, porn, or foreign or sci-fi that’s so far off the spectrum that you can’t even follow it.


What are you reading?


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7 thoughts on “What are You Streaming? Tell me now…”

  1. Our recent binges include Longmire and Lincoln Lawyer and FBI and Rookie Blue. We want to do a rewatch of all of This is Us. Of course, we’re waiting for Virgin River in July! In the past we have binged Parenthood, House, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, and NCIS (1-12 or 13….whenever Tony and Zika left!).

    1. Hi Carol. Oh a binge of This is Us is a great idea. I did a whole rewatch of ER. They had a lot of seasons. Though a bit dated it was also really relatable and so many issues were brought up it was really good.
      I’ll need to look at Longmire an Lincoln Lawyer. I love cop/law shows. Thanks of stopping by Carol. Appreciated. xo❤️😊

  2. This is the second time this week I’ve heard about Bridgerton so that that must be a clue to watch it.

  3. Yes, a lot more going on even though History is repeats itself. Do not forget the past while going forward…Too, movie industry is also changing- moved forward by Covid. I think

    1. Hey Marianna. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, everything is touched by history and the events of time. It did affect the movies didn’t it? We’re back to the war hero and gentle humor or historical period pieces. Interesting. Never thought of it that way. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Please try Modern Love Mumbai on Amazon prime video. Season 1 has 6 episodes, all independent stories in the present day Mumbai, India. The last episode “cutting chai” is the best.

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