WWW Wednesday #46 Wine is Wonderful but Whine Not so Much

I was in meetings most of the week with my business partner Jim Jackson for Wine Country Writers’ Festival 2022. I’ll admit… there was wine and there was whine.

When you’re putting together a Festival for guests, you have to ensure that the “t’s” are crossed and the “i’s” dotted. It ended up being a great half week of visits, drinking, organizing, and planning.

This is Jim and I at Time Family of Wines. What a fantastic way to start a meeting.
Great wine. Great service. and Great Energy. There was definitely no whining here.

Tell Me What You Put on a Charcuterie…

Meat and cheese are a given. I also like to do nuts and chocolate and maybe even a few pickles. What do you put on your board?

So, in order to start any kind of planning or organizing, a charcuterie is in order. That takes time… It’s a mish mash of love though as all the faves are put on the board for ll to enjoy.
There was no whining here.

The time and energy it takes to put a Festival together is unreal. It’s a lot of work and at one point when we were doing the schedule, a bit of whining absolutely crept up… even though we had glasses of beautiful rose in our glasses….Hmmm…

A Little Whine is Sometimes Necessary.

Working out the schedule. It can be intense as we make sure overlaps don’t occur and that a sense of thought goes into every decision. There needs to be some equity.
You do end up in a place where you just need to take a break and walk away.
Whether you take the glass or the bottle of wine is of course, a personal choice.
This is obviously why my brain was so twisted… wine and sugar…ugh!

Red? White? or Rose?

Do you have a favorite? Mine is definitely rose.

In my young, wild days, I drank beer and the wine we drank was like bubbly gasoline…ugh…Anyone else remember the cheap wines of yesteryear. Ugh. Gives me a headache just thinking about it.

I’m still learning to drink wine, but I like it mild and dry. The entire science is huge and I just go with what I like.

So when in doubt, go for a wine tasting. This is a picture of Jim enjoying a sampler at See Ya Later Ranch in Okanagan Falls, BC. The day was a bit blustery but it was beautiful inside.
Then we popped into Liquidity Wines, also in Okanagan Falls, BC. Stunning views and lovely wine.

I seriously hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday full of fun and adventure. Remember that it really is okay to whine sometimes. We all do it. But, if you choose to wine, do it responsibility or it ruins it for all involved.


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