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Six Word Story #12. Come Give it a Try. No Experience Required.

Welcome to the Six Word Story. It’s meant to be fun and challenging.

The Rules are Simple:

Study the picture and write a six word story that goes along with the picture, the sentiment, or whatever comes to mind. It can be obscure, literal, emotional, blue–Whatever you see, feel, or are inspired to write.

It’s for everyone to enjoy.

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Make sure you leave your six word story in the comments below (if it ends up being 9 words–that’s okay too! Keep it under 10 though–shh… don’t tell anyone–it’ll be our secret). I can’t wait to read them.

Okay the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Here’s the Picture.

Source: Pixabay. Stock.

Here’s my story: Waaahoooo! Who said golf was boring?

Don’t forget to write your six word story in the comments so I can see it. I love to see the creativity.

Have fun with it.


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    1. Bwaaaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa!! I LOVE it. You know that’s something Auntie might do. Hmmm….🧐🤣 Nice to “meet” you Alexandra. Great answer. Thanks.

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