Writers! Great News! You’re Never Too Old to Write a Bestselling Book.

The picture below is a swamp that borders a park that I frequent. Every time I see it I’m reminded of the book Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.

While there’s no sticky humidity, hanging moss, or crawdads singing here, you can listen to the quacking ducks, the crickets, and the constant buzzing of insects.

Imagine my surprise when I heard that the the successful novel, now destined to be a movie, was the work of a debut writer who was seventy years old when it was published.

a swamp located in a park near my home.

So, you may have to read that last sentence again if you were going too fast.

The author Delia Owens, published her debut novel Where the Crawdads Sing, at age 70!!

I suddenly feel very young and hopeful!!

How does that news make YOU feel?


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