Yes, the Hiatus Continues…

Planning an event of any magnitude takes a lot of energy and focus.

Though this isn’t the first year for the Wine Country Writers’ Festival (WCWF), it is the first LIVE festival that we’ve had the opportunity to host because of the covid factor.

I have a co-director and our visions are very similar–which is pretty flippin’ cool– but everything takes time… and more time.

I have lists everywhere–which isn’t necessarily uncommon for me, but I’m used to checking things off. This event is different only because it doesn’t depend only on me, but on registrants, presenters, the public and a zillion factors.

To me, it’s already a success and I’m very excited to get to the event itself, after which I hope to catch up on my blogging.

I’m going to try and squeeze a few in over the next week or two–especially some of my New York stories. So much fun.

So, don’t doubt my existence–I’m not far away. Talk soon.


Chief Louie of Osoyoos will be our Opening Keynote

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