I’m Back and Ready to Write. You?

To say I’ve been gone a while is a massive understatement, but I’m back with a determination to move forward and take over the world. šŸ¤£

Well, okay… maybe not the world, but my office for sure and maybe the local coffee shop. Hey, it’s been a while and my brain needs to let a bunch of stuff out. Do you know what I mean?

Over the last several months, I’ve been involved in the organization and directing of a writers’ festival. This was a new build from the the ground up that took a lot of planning, time, and energy, but dang it was so worth it in the end.

You can check out some of the pix from the festival HERE.

This is a picture of myself and business partner Jim Jackson. We built the Wine Country Writers’ Festival from the ground up. The first in-person event happened Sept 23/24, 2022 and was a huge hit. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last few months… helping making this a success.

The one thing about a festival is that you’re with like-minded people… readers, writers, teachers, learners… It’s the elixir of a writer’s life… Well, that and self isolation of course– (we are fickle creatures aren’t we?)

The thing about being away is that I’ve missed blogging and chatting about life.

Tell me what I’ve missed? Has anyone had a baby? Maybe a book baby’s been born?

On that note, I should tell you that I signed on with a new agent. His name is Jonas Saul and he’s a best-selling author who also acts as an agent and editor.

The agency is: Imagine Media and it’s been very positive so far. I’ll definitely keep you posted of any big changes.

You can read about my last experience with an agent HERE. It was quite the experience and one I wouldn’t like to repeat.

I’ve been making notes about things I need to share with you and can’t wait.

Thanks for your patience. Y’all rock. Let’s chat.


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