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Today is Day One to Start Writing Your Next Novel

Today is November 1st, and my twisted writer brain is going in a zillion different directions.

For those of you who are not writers, November is National Novel Writing Month, commonly referred to as NaNoWriMo or NaNo.

The idea behind NaNo is that you write a minimum number of words every single day through the month of November and at the end you’ll have a completed novel.

I’ve been successful at completing NaNo twice. One book is now being shopped by my agent and the other in edits.

Before I Begin…

There’s always those things or morning rituals that must be done prior to curling in with your brain and computer (a scary thought for some–lol).

For me, I want to stay accountable so it’s my goal to at least post my daily progress here. So, when you see a bunch of numbers, don’t be afraid… It’s all NaNo.

Checking in with you will be one of my daily tasks. Here are the others…

Morning Coffee and Socks…

I love my morning coffee and I love my wintery socks. Today being November 1st, I had to put them on. I love them. To me it means a cozy, curl-up day of writing. Can’t wait to get started. Soon…very soon.

Contemplating life…

I found this interesting. This is the smoldering remains of a wildfire that was “put out” two months ago. A few nights ago we had huge winds and it obviously whipped up the embers that were probably below ground in the roots of trees. The weather now is cold and damp so there’s no threat, but it’s a reminder that just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Piper Needs her Walk…

Here she is on our walk this morning. She’s so funny because she refused to look at the camera this morning. I just loved the vibrant color of the bush behind her, but apparently she didn’t care. Oh, and if you’re curious, her bandanna says “Talk Turkey to Me.” It was from Canadian Thanksgiving but now that the US Thanksgiving is in a few weeks, we thought we’d put it back on.

Picture of the Day…

Haha… I find this pic so funny. This is a picture of me at the Chewing Gum Wall in Seattle WA. I visited there last weekend with my son and how can you go to Pike Place Market without checking out this sticky, ooey-gooey monstrosity? The “attraction” is actually in a tunnel and there is used gum…everywhere… Like…yes–up, down, and around–everywhere.

Okay I’m Off to Write…

Alrighty, time to dive in. My goal today is 2000 words.

A Word of Advice…

My advice to anyone starting NaNo today… Just turn off your brain if you can. Close your eyes and just let the words flow. You’d be surprised what happens when you get your brain out of the way.

Here’s a couple of past things that I wrote about NaNo:

Alternative to NaNo



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