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Is This Years NaNo Turning into a No No? Day 11 and 12

This NaNo has been a real battle but it’s not one I’m ready to relinquish.

For me right now, it’s about the focus–of which I seem to have little–but I’m also fighting a bug.

I don’t get sick very often. That’s always been my motto, but let me tell ya, something’s gotten a hold of me and kicked me sideways.

On Thursday night, hubby and I went to our group dance lesson and then out for a fun evening with friends for dinner and drinks.

I had only water as I was driving and split dinner with hubby. Still, when I got home I went to bed (probably around 10pm), I slept all night and all of the next day through to the following morning. Like holy moly… What the heck?

I’ve haven’t felt right since changing the clocks back. We were traveling so I put it down to that, and now I’m not so sure.

No other symptoms to speak of but I feel SO much better this afternoon. I don’t think I’ve ever slept so much in my life but I obviously needed it.

So, November 11th–I have no memory of.

Sadly, it’s the first Remembrance Day ceremonies I’ve missed in many years. We’ve always attended one, even when we were on the road. I can guarantee though that I had more than a moment of silence.

My thoughts today are on all those who fought and served–and continue to do so–for our freedoms. Thank you and Please know that We are Grateful.


Here are my current NaNo Numbers

  1. Day one: 496
  2. Day two:3244
  3. Day three: 719
  4. Day four: 599
  5. Day five: 1387
  6. Day six: 448
  7. Day seven:30
  8. Day eight: 1511
  9. Day nine: 37
  10. Day ten: 1799
  11. Day eleven: 0
  12. Day twelve: 412

Total to Date: 9134 (I’m behind by about 9k. I’m really okay with that because all of this junk needs to be processed through my writing somehow anyway. Perhaps this NaNo is a deep fall twisted writer brain cleansing…. Hmmm. That may be the truth at this point and I celebrate the fact that I can still put two words together, let alone 9k. That *will* happen. No doubt about it. Stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Is This Years NaNo Turning into a No No? Day 11 and 12”

  1. Well my NaNo isn’t going that well either. My husband and I both came down with Covid which is a real bummer. I wasn’t able to attend Remembrance Day ceremonies either but watched it on line from the Hill. My count is 16,040 but not much hope but will do what I can.

    1. Oh my goodness that sucks but is so familiar. Mine isn’t Covid but same results. I’m not giving up though! I refuse (some stubbornness in me!) It may not click into place until the end of the month but I’m ok with that. I feel like I’m working up to something and my brain just needs permission to meander. 🤦🏻‍♀️I hope you keep going Lauren!

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