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Pity Poem for 14th NaNo Day for 2022

My Wee Pitty Poem for NaNo 22

I shan’t linger.

Nor shall I hang my head in shame.

It’s the way of my world right now

Yup, it’s all part of the game.


Words. Words. Words.

So many to mix, match, and master.

To create novels, stories and memories

But November 22 NaNo has been a disaster


There’s no way I’m giving up

That’s not the way I fly

The stories will be written

My unique voice I shall amplify.


Today is Day Fourteen

Time will continue to pass

But my daily numbers will posted

I’ll keep it first class.


Thanks for the continued support

It means a whole lot

I wouldn’t want to do this alone.

That’s my school of though.


See you all tomorrow

It is another day

I’ll be back just as sure

As my first name is Faye.


Count Today 142


Lol…I don’t know whether to call it a pity poem or a pitiful poem. 😂


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