My Twisted Writer Brain…

NaNo Is Either Half Full or Half Empty

Even though I sometimes hang out and feel sorry for myself, I won’t quit.

My muse will return.

I know she will.

Trying to force her to perform on demand is like asking a painter to deliver a masterpiece every time. The daily word count for NaNo is that forced performance and we all know how that’s been going.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the practice of NaNo. I’ve written three novels that way, but there is something to be said about timing and for me, it’s not the time for a novel.

Right now I’m feeling that November 2022 is half empty, but when I actually start to think about it, it’s truly full.

I’m so blessed in being able to do what I want to do (which believe it or not is writing… lol) that I sometimes forget just how fortunate I really am.

I’m not stopping NaNo, but I am going to shift –again.

I need to get stuff out of my head. I need my twisted writer brain to loosen up and let things go.

Through the summer, my focus was on the Wine Country Writers’ Festival. This was our first live literary festival after covid and a lot was riding on it. It took a lot of organizing and time.

In those months I got a new literary agent who truly believes in me. My book is being read by some big-time publishers, so it’s not like I haven’t been working too, but tbh my writer brain got twisted a bit too tight and needed a break. Now I find that I’ve seriously missed the connections with all my readers.

I want to get back to that on a daily basis through my blogs. It’s been weeks and weeks since I regularly blogged and months since I’ve done a Newsletter. I’d forgotten just how much of an outlet the blogs are for me as they represent me as part of my writing community.

So, lucky you. My NaNo is now going NaBlo 🤣

I’ve traveled a lot in the last few months, had the WCWFest, and now seek a semblance of sharing and normalcy.

Like, I didn’t even get to show you all the stuff I did in New York City–or the people/authors I met. And I just got back from Las Vegas… and last week I went to the grocery store! Omg!! Have you seen the price of lettuce.

Happy Tuesday. I think I’ve figured out this November thing. Phew.

(words for today if you’re still counting 436



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4 thoughts on “NaNo Is Either Half Full or Half Empty”

  1. Good day, Faye,
    I wanted you to know that I especially love your wee book, “Special Delivery Christmas Tales and Memories”. It is a lovely stroll through the past and reminds me of happy times. It was a special gift…from Me to Me! That always works out so well, and I love Me for thinking of Me…for a change. Ha!
    How are you enjoying the snowfall? It’s peaceful and glorious when you don’t have to go anywhere, but it must be hellish to be commuting today.
    I had to respond to your NaNo woes. You have a busy, busy calendar! Wow! And you expect to pump out 1666.666 words (I did the math…ha!) to round out a 50k novel? You know….as a personal challenge? What with all the other stuff happening all around you?
    Yowza! You are a tough drill sergeant, aren’t you?
    I empathize. For the first time I’ve jumped in to something that’s more my speed–Flash Nano 2022. Was rolling along, cranking out a story a day, having fun, doing great…until 5 days ago. The raging river of creativity slowed to a piddle, and dried up completely 2 days ago. 🥴
    My Michelangelo/Poe Muse is “Out of the Office.” That part is true. It’s the rest–“Back in five! 🙂 ) that’s pure b.s.
    Then again, isn’t it just like a loosey-goosey Muse to play with semantics? “Who said five minutes? Or five days, for that matter?”
    I’m back to emails, FB posts & comments, and this Boo-Hoo message to you today.
    (Thanks for the tip. I’m good for at least these 275 words…if we’re counting, 😎 )

    Cheers, dear Anne, and Slàinte Mhaith, too!!

    1. Hi Corinne. Sorry but I don’t have a wee book call “special delivery…” but it sounds delightful.
      It’s nice to meet you. I love your attitude toward Nano. It really is all semantics to a degree. I do find however that deadlines and word counts are usually very motivating for me. lol…Not this time. 😂
      Sorry that your muse fled. That sucks. They can be such fickle creatures. She’s probably hanging out at some writing event 🤓 trying to get recharged.
      Never give up. Thanks so much for commenting. I really enjoyed your note. It made my day. 😊

  2. Lol. I hear you. This has been a hellva year for us too. I decided at the end of October to do Nano. Luckily, the words are spewing out of my fingers. You do what is good for you. Congrats on the new agent, too. That’s awesome.

    1. Hey Ginny! I’m so glad that your NaNo is working. That’s awesome. Usually does for me too. I so agree that we have to do what suits our own needs. I hate to “quit”–but I’m over it 😂
      Thanks for all the kind words. Thanks for stopping by. 🤗

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