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Come See Two of My Favorite Things

At Christmas I’m one of the guilty ones who goes out and buys my own presents. Shhh… don’t tell Santa.

I seriously do appreciate the gifts I receive, but there’s always one or two things on my list that I want to make sure I get and the only way to do that is to buy them myself.


I’ve needed new headphones a long time.

I don’t like earbuds and seriously don’t know how anyone wears them. My ears ache at the mere thought of them.

And then I found these… Fulext Sleeping Headphones!

I can’t tell you how good these are… like AHHHHH-mazing! ❤️❤️❤️

lol…this is me on a Saturday morning being all showy with my new headphones. I didn’t even notice the little dancey guy in the back. Oh well, what you see is what you get. lol

There’s one other thing that I really wanted and had to go out and buy myself and that is Haflinger Orthopedic Slippers.

These are my fave slippers EVVVVVVer…

I had a pair that died a couple of years ago. They lasted for about five years and we very well used.

The nice thing about these slippers is that they support your foot and therefore your entire body. I just love them. They’re comparable to Birkenstocks. Both are German brands and of high quality. Both are superior shoes that support the wearer and become one with the wearer.

The wool used to make the Haflinger Slippers comes from New Zealand.

I bought a size 38 as I normally wear a size 8. The slippers are wide and comfy over the instep with no pulling. The nice thing is that they won’t break down like cheaper rubber soles.

I look at these slippers as an investment as they are a little pricey but would totally recommend.

Here’s another little video of me for you… just in case you didn’t get enough in the first one.

Can we talk slippers? Oh man, I’m in love with my slippers. Don’t ask me what they’re “like” … lol –Just referencing part of the video when I couldn’t think of the word… um.. ah… lol. Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Come See Two of My Favorite Things”

    1. omg….my son has an earbud in 24/7. Drives me crazy as it hurts my ear as I watch. I really like the band thing–works for me and I’m a bit of a princess who needs her comfort. 🤣

    1. I only wear them at night when I’m listening to a book or podcast. Because the speakers can be shifted to be right over your ears that’s all I hear. and they definitly cancel light if used as an eye mask. I ❤️mine.

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