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Have You Read Prince Harry’s Memoir “Spare” yet?

Published by: Random House January 2023. Ghostwritten by J. R. Moehringer

Have you read it? What did you think?

This is, of course, Prince Harry’s book about his life living within the British Royal Family. The squabbles, the love, the deep sadness, lonliness, the resentment, and of course the constant public scrutiny.

Harry was born the “Spare” and was dubbed the “naughty” one.

There’s a reference in the book that (now King) Prince Charles joked about having done his job at producing an Heir and a Spare after Harry’s birth. The story continues to say that Charles then went off to meet his girlfriend, Camilla.

There’s always a curiosity when it comes to celebrities, often to the point of forgetting that they’re human. This book is one that reveals a lot about nothing.

There’s no huge revelations that we as a public didn’t already know. We know about Charles and Camilla (not well liked by Harry–or me–by the way), we knew of Diana’s tragedy, the Queen, the horrid press, and of course the expectations that were placed on two young men who happened to be born into a family of wealth, privilege, and expected silence.

We all watched as two young princes walked behind their mother’s horse drawn casket and how everything was on public display. Harry was only twelve.

What we didn’t know was what was going on in the minds of those young men. How did they feel? What was their real reaction?

After his mothers death, the “mothering” was near non-existent. A young boy left to his own devices, yet in such need of kindness, direction, discipline, and help.

He struggled in school.

Harry blames the paparazzi for the death of his mother and loathes the press. This has been a lifelong battle that led to lies, false reports, harassment, and constant surveillance.

Harry further states that the relationships with his family were strained and unhealthy, at best.

Sibling relationships are often not perfect. They’re individuals after all and do experience things differently. Harry’s brother Will was, and is, on a completely different path that leads to the throne. The expectations are different and Harry felt that to his core.

Losing his mom at such a young age, he coped by telling himself that she wasn’t really dead. For years, he’d tell himself that she just away for a while and she’d return for him and Will when she could.

What many fail to realize is the power of thought. To convince yourself of something in order to get through the day is not only sad, but a recipe for disaster and for Harry, that’s exactly what followed.

The excessive trauma led to drug and alcohol abuse, anger issues, learning difficulties, and massive panic attacks and anxiety. In his role as “Prince” he had very little support and was left to flounder.

While anyone can say, who cares? or it’s a manipulative story. or just plain bollox– I appreciated hearing what I consider the truth.

So many blame the wife Meghan (don’t they always?). She American. She doesn’t understand. She’s too sensitive. Even Kate went through a hazing period. Blah. Blah. Blah.

The fact of the matter, IMHO, Meghan was targeted and hung out to dry.

There was blatant racism and judgement. If anyone doesn’t think that comparing Meghan to a chimp isn’t racist then you’ve got some soul searching to do. The press were, and still are, judgemental, brutal, and toxic in nature.

I tell ya, I’d be terrified if some guy jumped out of a bush with a camera. I wouldn’t want to be chased by paparazzi either. They’re strangers (some Harry had known for years as they constantly pursued him) wielding something in their hands and running after you. How great does that sound. Um… not!

I listened to this book via Audible. I liked hearing Harry’s story in his voice as it made it real for me.

The ghostwriting was a bit sappy and over the top at times but overall was well done. The story does get a little long and whiney sounding at times, but I also saw/heard growth in this young man who reclaimed his own destiny. Bravo.

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it.


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6 thoughts on “Have You Read Prince Harry’s Memoir “Spare” yet?”

  1. I wouldn’t read…Spare. For one thing, I’ve heard so much about it. I feel like I have read it. And I feel that he wrote the book to get revenge on his family and I’m not sure that is morally right. On the other hand, it was probably therapeutic for him to express his feelings and experience to the world.
    I have always liked Harry and later Megan his wife. If I had the choice to spend a day with either William or Harry, it would be Harry for sure, because I’ve always found him interesting.
    The book…..

    1. Hey Heather. I don’t think you’re alone in your thoughts. I didn’t find this book to be revengeful though… It was focused on Harry and not the rest of the family. His mental health and his struggles were the focus. I think he’s just a real person who was trapped. Thanks so much for letting me know your thoughts. xoxo

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