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Quiz:Can You Identify These Dogs?

Hi All.

I’m just trying something a bit different and am in the learning stages,

This is a quiz I made up and it’s about different types of dogs.

I want your opinion on this as I’d like to do other quiz type things on writing, reading, life etc.

Sometimes it’s nice to shake things up and be a bit lighter about things.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for doing this.

Do You Know Your Dogs?

Have you seen pictures of my dog Piper? There are so many different breeds and types of dogs. This quiz will test your expertise in your knowledge of dog breeds. Good luck. [photo: Unsplash. Hannah Lim]

Have a great day.

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8 thoughts on “Quiz:Can You Identify These Dogs?”

  1. That was fun! Eight out of ten….. And I actually knew it was a husky but second guessed myself. Glad you’re having fun in the sun and writing everyday.

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