Discover an Oasis in the Middle of the Desert?

When we’re in the middle of something in our life we can often fail to see the beauty around us.

It’s easy to ignore the positive and focus on those ugly things that cause us pain, confusion, or stress.

This weekend we took a nice little hike in a nearby canyon. This was the first sign we saw.

We sort of chuckled and then of course, I climbed up the rocks that we were warned about.

Luckily, I lived to tell the tale.

The day was beautiful so we kept on going.

The rich green foliage belied the fact that a water source was nearby but we couldn’t see anything except the dry river bed. We kept going.

We hiked in for about 30 or 40 minutes before we discovered the oasis. It was stunning. The foliage so green and alive as a pool of water hung lazily around the bases of the plants.

The only time I’ve ever seen an oasis has been in the movies, but now I can say I’ve seen one for myself.

It really is a reminder that within nature any discovery is possible.

An oasis could be a metaphor for something else in your life.

What have you been missing? Perhaps there’s a scarcity of something in your life that needs to be identified.

Sometimes, the answers will appear and other times they’ll sneak up and nudge you to glance their way.

Don’t be afraid to listen to that little voice within you–be it intuition, your muse, your conscious, or perhaps your long lost friend–there are times when we need to still ourselves within the desert in order to see the oasis in front of us.

I discovered a true oasis. What have you discovered lately that you didn’t see coming?


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7 thoughts on “Discover an Oasis in the Middle of the Desert?”

  1. Hi Faye!

    I wanted to drop a note to let you know that I have been quiet but really am enjoying your new posting routine and content. I meant to comment on the Prince Harry book ‘Spare’. While there is much ‘opinion’ about his memoir, I thought it was fabulous … and I am disgusted with the negative media portrayal of both he and Meghan, downright sad.

    Anyway, thanks for all you contribute to us fellow writers, I have saved so many of your posts to refer to again and again. I’m a fellow Canadian, just next door in Alberta and I’d love to chat together about all things writing sometime.

    Have a fabulous trip, find the joy in everyday, and travel safe.

    1. Hi Laurel. I’m so glad you wrote. I don’t like the negative media of Harry and Meghan either. They’re using what they have to make their life. Thank you so much for the wonderful words. One of my fave things in the world is talking about writing and words. Have you considered Wine Country Writers’ Festival in Penticton… it’s Sept 22/23/24 this year. I hope to also attend When Words Collide in Calgary this year. Time will tell. Stay well and thanks again for your kindness. You made my day.

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