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Stupid Mistakes Make For Good Life Lessons

There’s a saying about learning from your lessons or you’ll be doomed to repeat them. This is true. It’s about paying attention and making wise choices.

A couple of days ago I shared a tongue-in-cheek story about a speeding ticket that I recieved while driving through Nevada. Read it HERE.

The thing is, I know better.

It’s amazing how some lessons stick with you throughout life.

Here is the Driving Lesson About Passing

I got my driver’s license at eighteen.

I’m a good, dare I say, excellent, driver.

Somewhere along the road of life, I learned three questions you should always ask yourself prior to passing other vehicles. They’ve always stayed with me and I taught them to my son.

When I do see reckless driving and idiot passing practices like tailgating, passing on double solid lines, or weaving in and out, I let off the gas, drop back, and allow those drivers to have the road.

I don’t want to be anywhere near them.

Three Questions a Driver Should Ask Before Passing Another Vehicle


Is it safe to pass?

This sounds like common sense but needs to be taken into consideration.

We’ve all seen people pass when it isn’t safe. Perhaps the road is too narrow or the oncoming traffic is too close.

Whatever it is, the first question is about being safe.


Is it legal to pass?

What are the road lines telling you? If the line is solid then there’s no passing.

Are you on a curve? Perhaps a dippy road (there’s one in California that’s like roller coaster and you can not see vehicles in the dips ahead)?

If the lines or signs say don’t pass… don’t pass.


Is it Necessary to pass?

This is one of those questions that comes down to choice.

I once saw a guy pass a vehicle and then turn off the highway about a mile up the road. Like seriously? Why bother passing?

If you’re almost to your destination, the person ahead of you is doing the speed-limit, or you’re in no hurry then ask if passing is really necessary.

Yes, I Asked These Questions in My Recent Faux Pas

That lesson of the three questions for passing has always stuck in my head. It’s never failed me. This last week, I made a conscious choice to ignore one of the answers and that was the “legal” factor.

Simple fact, I was speeding.

All turned out and all is well, but some readers have pointed out that I was lucky and the speed could have caused an accident or injury.

This is a reminder of the lesson. It was costly–but only monetarily.

I won’t ignore the message and will pass my knowledge along.

If you have a younger or new driver in your life, share this post with them and have the discussion of the three questions above.

It could be a life saver.


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