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Laundry Day–How to Avoid the Secondary Crime Scene

What is a Secondary Crime Scene?

A crime can start in one place and move to another, but it’s up to you to try and never let that happen!

Imagine this scenario:

A dude in a car drives up behind you as you’re strolling down the street. He sits in the driver’s seat of the car but opens the window, calls to get your attention, and asks for directions.

You approach the car to assist–like any normal decent person would–but as you get closer you see he has a gun pointed right at your head.


Source: Scopio. Artist: Robert Ullmann

He says to you…Get in or I’ll kill you.

That, is a Primary Crime Scene… now remember what I said, do not let it bleed over into a Secondary Crime Scene.

In this situation, you can run, scream, or collapse and roll on the ground.

If he shoots you, chances are good that you’ll survive… BUT if you get in a vehicle,🫣 and go with him (to the secondary crime scene) then you’re for sure a goner… or at least in a very perilous situation that could’ve been avoided.

Does that make sense?

The secondary crime scene means you have no control at all, no one knows where you are, and chances of escape/safety are not good.

If the scene is more hands on, so to speak, (like someone grabs you from behind and tries to take you somewhere…) fight like hell and when all else fails make yourself dead weight because then it’s much more difficult to manipulate your physical being–then run, scream, kick–refuse to go to… yes, you’re learning…refuse to go to the secondary crime scene.

Why Should I Care About Secondary Crime Scenes?

You should care because it’s where the ugly happens.

The perpetrator distances themselves from the original location to isolate you in a place where you don’t want to be.

Always tell your kids, your family, your friends, and everyone else in your life, not to fall victim to the secondary crime scene.

Source: Scopio. Artist: Ilja Enger Tsizikov

What Does All This Have to do With Laundry?

Well, I’m a little bit of a laundry freak. It’s probably (it is 🤫) my fave chore to do around the house.

I don’t like washing dishes, cleaning floors, and bathrooms are not my forte…but laundry–ahhh…

Laundry gets a bum wrap, but that’s because it’s being transferred to a secondary “crime” scene…we’re not in favor of that, are we? No, of course not.

When I do laundry, nothing leaves the laundry room until it’s folded, hung, or otherwise attended to.

It’s so peaceful and meditative to fold warm, pliable laundry right out of the dryer.

To schlep it all into the TV room so you can sit, fold, make random piles all over the place, while watching TV… True blasphemy. tsk tsk.

With that method, clothes end up folded cold and more wrinkled than necessary. SMH.

Then there’s the issue of it simply not getting done and it sits in the family room or (heaven forbid) the laundry basket until you get to it.

Do it right the first time… 💯

For some who may be confused. Yes, I do know laundry moving is not a crime… but the real question is, do you know what to do now if someone wants to take you somewhere? I hope so.

I seriously need to teach laundry to fight back against that move to the couch… 🤔


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