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April is Poetry Month! Here’s my 1st Poem

Hi Everyone. Well, as promised, here is my first poem of the month. I hope you like it.

Source: Scopio. Artist Ismeet Kaur

just listen

april showers are no longer real 
parched lands await the spring rains 
disappointment reigns in its stead 
tender seedlings drown in warmth

may flowers are apt not to appear
bulbs starve within the thirsty soil
to then suffocate in excess pours
heavy and unmetered as they fall

mother's algorithm is off keel 
she spins this way then that
anger laden within her sadness
as resistance fights against healing

roadblocks of tree hugger do-gooders
greed cultivates inflexible doubt
naysayers v the passionate 
still no balance to restore calm

listen to the allocution of the trees
as they clean our air; curtain the sun
their story is our story if we heed
the clear message meant for all

faye e arcand


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7 thoughts on “April is Poetry Month! Here’s my 1st Poem”

  1. Well done Faye. You have definitely captured the essence of the times we live in.

    Bryan McIver

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