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April is Poetry Month: Here’s my Third Poem.

Source: Scopia. Artist: Rushikesh Javalgekar


At the top of the mountain
the view presents 360
unless there are obstacles
      gnarly branches
         perhaps a goat
so climb higher with altered perspective 
the climb may be arduous--or not
as one foot follows the other
on top is not an end goal but a passage
     through time
       over obstacles
         a sidestep of fears
To forage your own path builds the
cushioned landing of the well-worn 
tested. true with perseverance. choices
     to break free
       opt for unique-ity 
         to embrace your true self
That mountain has many sides
perspectives alter. erode. grow.
even die upon the ledges if you cease
     the climb
       to the top
carve out you

by faye e arcand






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