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Five Stupid Questions You Should Never Ask a Guy

Some people simply have no boundaries, but common sense should still be the guide to knowing what questions are off limits.

Just a few weeks ago, I posted about Five Stupid Questions You Should Never Ask a Woman, so I thought it fair to do guys too.

Source: Scopio. Artist: Keith Lee


What gives you the right to ask any question in the first place?

Think about that for a second or two… heck take ten–I’ll wait. I’m curious to know the answer.

For the most part, other people’s lives in general are really none of your flippin’ business. Simple as that.

Before you go spouting off and asking a bunch of inappropriate questions consider the possible consequences. That could be anything from

  • hurt feelings
  • disgust
  • shock
  • judgement
  • discomfort
  • embarrassment
Source: Scopio Artist Illustrator Bernardo Ramonfaur

I’ll be the first to admit, as an Auntie I ask hard questions, but they come from a place of love and are directed towards those I know well.

Some of these questions below could be directed toward anyone but are stereotypically ‘male’.

It’s important to know your audience and assess the appropriateness of each question and if you don’t know the individual in question, just shut your mouth. Believe me, I know how hard that can be.

A Real Conversation…. should always be approached with respect and avoid making assumptions about individuals based on their gender, lifestyle, or life choices.

Five questions that could be considered inappropriate or insensitive to ask a person who identifies as male.

Guys, these are not questions you ever need to answer.

  1. “Are you gay?” or “Why aren’t you attracted to women?” – Personal questions about someone’s sexual orientation or preferences are intrusive and can be offensive. It’s important to respect people’s privacy and allow them to share such information voluntarily if they so choose.
  2. “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” or “Why are you still single?” – These questions can be hurtful and put unnecessary pressure on someone regarding their relationship status. Here, an assumption that something is wrong with the person is clearly implied.
  3. “So, how big is it?” “How often do you jack off?” – Seriously! We all know the innuendo and we also know people who actually ask these types of questions. Even if done as a joke, these questions are simply nothing but a rude and intrusive used to embarrass and belittle someone. NOT cool.
  4. “How much do you earn?” or “What do you do for a living?” “Can you support me in great style?”– Asking about someone’s income or job, especially if linked to romance, is so inappropriate and a huge judgement of their worth and worthiness. Totally tacky!
  5. “Why don’t you show more emotion?” or “Are you too sensitive?” or “Do you cry?”– Stereotypes surrounding masculinity can discourage men from expressing emotions openly and perpetuate the myth of the stoic male and suggest that vulnerability is a sign of weakness. myob.

What it comes down to is…

Source: Scopio. Artist: Slaven Orsolic

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2 thoughts on “Five Stupid Questions You Should Never Ask a Guy”

  1. Thank you, Faye, for these timely reminders. It’s really hard to imagine people asking some of these incredibly invasive–and downright stupid– questions of anyone at all…EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, but I know it happens.
    I had missed your previous post about questions for the ladies and was equally gob-smacked when I read it.
    I think the whole idea is an over-the-top Americanism that has caught on up here, Canadians are traditionally more inclined to Mind Their Own Business,

    1. Hi Corinne. Thank you for stopping by. Sorry didn’t mean to shock you but yes, people (some not all) are that ignorant to ask the most inappropriate questions out there. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you’e from–unfortunately, its everywhere (and the sad thing is that there are people who really ask these questions without reservation!) I just shake my head.

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