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WWW Wednesday #65 Here’s a Short Poem That’s a bit Weird

Hi everyone. Happy Wednesday.

I’m always amazed at the way my brain works. It’s having a constant dialogue (sometimes monologue) at every waking moment. Please tell me I’m not alone with that… 🫣 I don’t want to be weirder than I already am…😂

Either way… I saw these clouds and my brain erupted in a short poem. Here it is.

A Storm

clouds are building
sun presses down
turmoil alive both
inside and out
of me and my mind
ever racing, reaching 
often raging though
open to the warmth and 
goodness of the blessed
orb that rules the sky

by faye e arcand

Well, that’s my Weird Wednesday… Hope it makes sense to someone. Tell me your thoughts.


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2 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #65 Here’s a Short Poem That’s a bit Weird”

  1. Sun pressing down….Describes to me a feeling of pressure trying to release its self. Turmoil is released to a feeling all is well.

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