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Writers! Here’s Ten Great Reasons Why You Need a Blog

Next week I’m going to be doing a workshop at When Word Collides in Calgary. The workshop is all about blogging and why you really need to get yourself going sooner, rather than later.

While having, creating, or even writing a blog won’t make you a superstar it does have its place in the world and when used properly could benefit your writing career.

Each of these ten points are huge areas of discussion just by themselves. Today, I just want you to entertain these ten reasons and determine whether they relate to you, your style of writing, and or your needs.

Are you ready? Okay, let’s go…

    • OMG! How many times have you been told that to be taken seriously by an agent or publisher, you must have a platform. This is particularly huge in nonfiction as the publisher is looking for an established “expert” or voice of authority on a given topic.
    • A blog provides you with a platform (or stage, if you will) to openly express your thoughts, ideas, and expertise on subjects that matter to you. Establishing a platform via a blog means that you can share you views/passions/experiences and actually discuss them with others.
    • The key here is in the sharing and connecting with readers. You want to be able to illustrate that others are reading and considering your pov.
    • Having a blog helps you establish an online presence, especially if you’re a writer looking to build your ‘brand’. Having a presence means being ‘present’. Don’t forget that. It takes time and energy to put yourself on the page… A self that others can relate to and want to connect with.
    • A blog gives you a landing page to be discoverable to potential employers, clients, or collaborators. Even if you develop an “about” page and have all your details, it’s a start.
    • Writers, by nature, like to share. Whether you’re sharing a tip on a topic near and dear to your heart, or you’re offering advice for the novice writer who’s lost amongst all the information floating out there in the cyber world. Sharing not only allows you help, but also educate and give back. This is a good thing.
    • A blog can attract like-minded individuals, creating a community around your niche or interests. This is huge as it can create engagement with your readers and other bloggers. Making connections, builds community. Let’s face it, writing is a pretty lonely pursuit so to make professional or personal connection is huge.
    • It’s weird because I’m going to be teaching a workshop on blogging… that all become possible because of blogging and in turn allows me to now network as a result. Yay me.
    • As writers, we know how important it is to sit our butts down in the chair and write everyday. That’s not always an easy task if you’re facing the daunting task of writing a novels or screenplay. A blog can be your casual, how-ya-doing kind of writing.
    • Your blog can be your warm up. If you look at the different types and styles of blogs that are out there, you’ll notice that there’s really no rules. you can write when you want and what you want and still receive benefit. By committing to and regularly writing your blog, you hone your writing skills and get you moving on the actual writing front. Remember, writers write, and yes, a blog counts.
    • Go read other blogs and decide what kind of product you want to present. If you’re using it to simply share pix or bitch about government then that’s probably as far as it’ll go. There is a choice though…
    • If you consistently put out high-quality product that resonates with the readers, you can establish yourself as an authority and enhances your credibility.
    • This is totally up to you but there is opportunity to grow your business, get to know people, and learn as you write.
    • Depending on what you choose to blog about, there’s always research to do and trends to follow. This will keep you on your toes (as much, or as little, as you choose… ) It’s all about your energy and what you’re willing to put in to get out.
    • This is something I tried for about one minute–ugh. I had one of those moments of …well everyone else is doing it–so why not me? lol… Well, I’ll tell you why–it’s a pain in the patootie. I like to learn new things but not fishing through websites to figure out how to add an affiliate link is not my idea of a good time (and nor is it my idea of time well spent!).
    • If it’s your thing and you’ve built a large audience then go for it if you want. There are various means, such as advertising, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or even creating and selling your products or services.
    • I’ll definitely put up my books when they’re published.
    • This goes back to the fact that the blog is what you define and create it to be. I would highly recommend you make it your own a reflection of who you are as a person. Since you are the one in charge, you get to set the stage for the tone of self-expression. Feel free to rant if you need to voice your frustrations, or stress and don’t hesitate to share your joys, challenges, and experiences with your readers. That’s what its all about.
    • Your blog is like your personal /professional diary. Taht’s pretty cool. I now have over 790 published blog posts. I can go back and read my own journey. If I want to pull from them it’s like have my own personal library–writen by me!
    • Finding a home to reblog or format into a book. I may do this. Particularly with my “Auntie Says…” blog. We’ll see.

A Reminder…

Writing and maintaining a blog takes a lot of work and time.

When I first started I blogged a minimum of 5 times a week! That’s a lot of writing, formatting, and searching for interesting things to say.

If you choose to do a blog, be prepared to be focused and consistent. Remember, it all reflects back on the writer.

Try and have some fun along the way.


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  1. This certainly is a good article to read for anyone who is thinking about a blog. I’m not doing a blog but I enjoyed and learned by reading it.

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