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Sending Hugs to All Who Need Them

I avoid watching the news because it sends me spinning into a sea of anxiety and makes me feel totally helpless in the huge world of guns, hatred, and slaughter.

I will not wade into a discussion on the world of religion and politics because it’s a waste of time. What is important is:

the real people…

the real lives…

the real-life situations…

Many currently face so much fear and uncertainty that the level of stress is overwhelming. If allowed to fester, that stress can swallow up everything in its path and leave a trail of destruction.

It’s the ones who stand by silently and watch the suffering of their family, parents, nation, and identity that are often forgotten… yes, the kids.

Remember that young children, teens, and so many who’ve never witnessed such violence and carnage, are hurting too. The news and world is full of mourners who’ve needlessly lost loved ones and there are no answers.

Please don’t tell young people they shouldn’t worry–because they will.

Please don’t tell young people that “it’s being taken care of”–because right now, who knows what that means?

Please don’t tell them that everything is “fine”– right now, the reality is that nothing is fine… Kids know that.

Hug your kid… be honest with them in an age appropriate way.

Hug your neighbor… be thankful when you have a neighbor who has your back.

And, here’s a hug from me to you…

Thinking of you all in a very difficult time.


6 thoughts on “Sending Hugs to All Who Need Them”

  1. Well said! And it’s not just kids … this whole situation is bringing back some pretty vivid memories to this grandmother of back when I was a child myself and my grandparents and parents and other family and friends were glued to the radio in other related situations….

    1. It’s so true. The memory muscle gets activated quickly. What we fail to remember is that kids feel just as deeply and intently as the adults and the lack of understanding (though there is no easy explanation on any front) that the children keep bottled up… Which can affect them for many years to come. Thanks Norma for the reminder that we’re all triggered.

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