I love to talk about writing with people of all ages. If you want to host a night of creative writing for your friends or perhaps want a speaker for your high school English class, contact me.

Workshops include:

  1. Figuring Out Freelance Have you always dreamed of being a freelance writer? What does that mean exactly? Come learn the strategies that can make a difference to make that dream a reality. Master the steps of how to become a successful freelance writer from understanding the lingo, setting yourself up for success, selling yourself, and even making a business plan. Come prepared to do some brainstorming. 
  2. The NonFiction Book ProposalYou’ve already written an awesome How-To book or maybe you have a unique idea for a parenting/self help book that you know the world needs to read—but now what? Unless you’re going to self publish you’ll have to do a book proposal. What the heck is all that about? This workshop will take you through the steps of discovering what a book proposal is, why it’s important, and how to prepare a good and thorough book proposal. And, do you need a book proposal for memoir?
  3. Do you Take Your Characters to Dinner before Sleeping with Them? Characters can be complicated in nature and it takes work to figure them out. The question is—how well do you actually know them and how do you get to know them better? In this workshop you’ll learn techniques and tricks to get to know your characters  intimately. What secrets are they holding back waiting for you to discover? Bring a notebook or laptop and let’s dive in and discover what makes them unique. 
  4. Crafting the Short StoryJoin award winning short-story writer Faye Arcand to learn the tricks of completing a short story. Writing a short story, whether fiction or non-fiction, is an art unto itself. Learn the different parts of a story, how they work together, and how to write them so the reader is engaged. Come ready to write and explore new ideas.
  5. Never Have I Ever…. A light-hearted game to play Friday night at the Cafe-LitEach person in the room will be provided with a paddle with two sides…”never have I ever” and “I have”. They will be asked to raise their paddle in answer to questions like: Never have I ever erased my browser history in fears that the RCMP would find out I’m googling how to commit the perfect murderI led a short version of the game a the Penticton Writer’s Festival a few years ago and it was a crowd favorite as it gets everyone laughing and seeing that we’re more alike than different. 
  6. Blue PencilsI really enjoy sitting down with writers and their writing. I’ve done many blue pencils that have been very well received. I like to resonate on the work for a bit and then prepare a written response for the writer to take with them. Feel free to slot me in wherever you deem necessary. 

I am also available for manuscript developmental edits. I will read your manuscript and inform you in a written report about any minor or major issues. This includes things like the overall flow, tension, believability, and structure. Contact for prices.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for pricing on teaching, MC’ing, workshops, or edits.

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