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Let’s Write a Letter of Gratitude

I recently did an Auntie Says… column asking readers of all ages to practice the act of being grateful.

When I was young this meant writing a thank you letter, addressing the envelope, and popping it in the mail. 

Things have changed though and many don’t know where to start so I offered to do up a simple template of sorts and allow them to copy and use it as their own.

So here it is.


Here’s a very simple Thank You. Just fill in the blanks.

Dear ______ (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Auntie Faye, Mr. Jones,—add in a name/title)

I’m writing this letter to tell you how thankful I am for ____________ (what? was it a gift? was it their time? advice? something they did?—be as specific as possible)

Receiving this (gift) made me feel ______________ (remembered? important? special? happy? what?—be as specific as possible) and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time to do that for me. (you can stop here if you like as the thanks have been given. It’s nice to put something personal but depends on how comfortable you are in doing that.)

(optional sentiments)

Sometimes I get really busy in my life and forget to always say thank you but please know how grateful I am not only for what you give me but also for who you are. I’m lucky and grateful to have you in my life. 

Thank you. 

(Don’t just put “from” add another sentiment: love? with respect? sincerely? )

Love From,

(actually sign your name…how ever the addressed person knows you–your first name or maybe first and last or maybe a nick name)


Here’s a sample that’s a bit more elaborate and personal. Use the example to fit in your own memories or references.

Dear _______, 

I received your graduation card in the mail the other day and it made me smile. I can tell you took time to choose the perfect one and I really appreciate it. The picture of the cat wearing the grad cap on the front reminded me of my first cat Boots. Do you remember how he used to snuggle with us when you babysat me? Such great memories.

Thank you also for the $50 gift card to The Store. I will use those funds to put toward a computer that I’ve been saving for. It’ll make a big difference. Thank you. 

Graduation was really fun. My friends and I had a big pool party and sang and danced all afternoon. The prom was the following night and I wore a floor length green dress. It was simple but elegant. Mom and Dad took a lot of pictures. I’m enclosing one for you. It was taken the night of commencement with our cap and gowns. 

Well, Auntie, now that high school is over I’ll be taking a gap year and working full time at the market. I can’t wait to see you at Christmas. 

Thanks again for remembering my graduation and the wonderful gift. I’m very grateful.

Loads and loads of Love,

From Anyone. 



If you’re thanking someone by taking the time to actually write a letter by hand then put it in the mail if you can. This is especially important for older people like Grandma and Grandpa who like to get snail-mail. Here’s a sample of how to address an envelope. 

return address: Your Name
2345 Street, Town, Province
Postal Code 

Put the stamp           
here      X

To: Auntie Faye Arcand
1234 street and town,
Postal Code


If you’re mailing the letter somewhere outside of your own country make sure you include the entire address and return address. You’ll also have to go to the post office to find out how much the postage (stamps) will be because it will cost more depending on where it’s going.

And, if you’ve included anything inside the letter or card then it’s wise to go to the post office and have it weighed to make sure there’s enough postage on it.  

Always be Thankful.

It’s a good thing. 

I hope this simple template and instructions helped make the task a bit easier. 

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  1. This is such a good idea Faye, especially for the young of today.

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  2. Very good idea! I find a lot of other people my age and younger don’t even tend to think about this. Great template for someone to follow.

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