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10 Ways How To Finally Get Started on Your Novel

I wrote much of my first novel in the driver's seat of my car as I waited for my son to finish school, swimming, or whatever activity was going on at the time. And a writer friend of mine set up a folding camp chair and TV tray in their family's laundry room so he could write. If you want to write you'll find a way.

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Everything You Need to Know About a Mailing List and How to Use it

One thing I hear all the time is "I need a Mailing List". But do You know Why? In this post I'm going to answer all your questions about "mailing" (aka: email) lists. While the concept is relatively straight forward, there's still confusion about what it is and why your need one. Source: Unsplash Brett… Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About a Mailing List and How to Use it

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How To Write A Great Newsletter and Why You Need One.

Make your newsletter reflect your personality. You're not writing a script or poem, you're writing a letter. It should read as a casual conversation between you and a friend. Think of it as sitting and sharing a cup of coffee with someone and you're telling them about your life for the last month or so.