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We’re All So Different

For the last week, I’ve been getting feedback about my latest novel from my beta readers. I’m so frikken excited I can’t stand it. I want to dance in circles, cheer while I raise a glass in celebration, and lick all the chocolaty creamy frosting from the top of a cupcake!

I had five very different readers from various walks of life, age groups, and interests. The only similarity really was that all are readers. The overall feedback showed me that each reader liked, and disliked, different elements but all appreciated the premise, the writing, and the overall story.

This to me is but a microscopic sample of the world of readers that may eventually purchase my book and that acts as a perfect grounding for me. It reminds me that my work is my own and everyone who reads it will have a different opinion. It’s intriguing and thrilling to realize that one reader will fall in love with a character while another loathes them.

None of us read the same.

None of us write the same.

The worlds and workings of both readers and writers are diverse, gigantic, and personal. We will all see and interpret things from our own perspective.

I can’t wait to sit down and tear this manuscript apart with the new eyes afforded me by my betas.

Thank you.

You make me a better writer.

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