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Some Millennial Manners Please.

I was watching TV one night and a public service announcement came on reminding the viewer to respect their elders. It showed a couple of young men sitting in the front courtesy seats on the bus playing on their phones. They’re oblivious to all around them including an elderly woman who’d boarded the bus and had to stand because all the courtesy seats were filled.

The ad seemed to give the impression that these guys were ignoring their responsibility to give up their seats.

First off, who’s the ad targeted at?

Millennials don’t watch tv and second, I find it tries to paint young people as irresponsible which they’re not. In this scenario, the young people are engrossed in their electronics and I don’t see any ill intent here, only distraction. I’m sure a nudge and a nod would’ve gotten them on their feet.

I don’t find this preoccupation with phones unusual and we know it’s not just young people. I’ve been to restaurants where everyone (including the serving staff) had phones within reach. I’m guilty of it myself.

No one seems to have a problem hearing the ping announcing a new message but they can’t seem to hear or be aware of, what’s going on around them.
On a bus, it’s relatively easy to be aware because passengers can feel when the bus comes to a stop. It’s no bother to look up to see if your seat should be offered to someone.

So, if you’re sitting in the courtesy seats it’s your responsibility to stand when someone needs a seat. Don’t let people talk about you and your age group like you’re a bunch of moronic losers…just step up and do what’s right. I know you can do it. 

Another little nit-pick.

If you’re going to host a party, then you’re in charge of the guests. Even when there’s lots of lively chatter and engaging conversation it’s still up to you to step up. Don’t be lackadaisical about what’s going on around the room because it’s the host’s responsibility to ensure the guests are taken care of and enjoy the get-together.

If guests trickle in late or alone you, the host, should excuse yourself, greet the guest, offer refreshments, and do a one-time introduction: “Hey everyone this is Harry and Megan. We work together.” 

That’s better than leaving strangers standing there to flounder in search of a friendly face. It’s not up to your other guests to answer the door or act as host. If you’re having an informal gathering where everyone knows each other that’s one thing but when strangers are involved you’re up—simple as that.

Also, don’t ignore some guests over others or get engrossed in private conversations or gossip -save those for later. It just comes down to manners and taking care of all your guests.

Oh, and since we’re on the topic of manners, let’s have a word about earbuds. If you’re talking to anyone other than your peers take the damn things out. Both of them. Omg. I look at them and it hurts me just to think of those things permanently jammed into the ears. I don’t care that you only have one in because what I’m saying is that it’s rude and if you want to talk to me—remove any and all things in, on, or around your ears.

So…give up your seat, take care of your guests, and remove the earbuds. Now you know.

Rant complete. Auntie mic drop.

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