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A Worldwide Pandemic: Please Heed the Warnings

Nothing is how it should be right now. Every morning while I sip my coffee I glance out the window and forget. It all looks as it should—dare I say normal? The sun is shining, the snow still clings to the mountain tops, and yet we’re all separated by something we can’t even see. How can this be? Our normal has shifted to a place of uncertainty, full-blown anxiety, and even denial.

Every day now we are receiving life-altering directions from our government officials. We’ve been shoved out of our comfort zones and into a sticky pit of reality that no one asked for. We’re now all living within the unique history making pandemic and we need to step back, check our egos at the door and do what is asked of us. 

For those of you who have not respected and been mindful of the warnings of self isolation, social distancing, and hygiene I must say I’m disappointed. I’ve had people say to me that they’re “not buying into all the hype”. This really ticks me off and strikes me as very selfish.

I’m sorry to say but it reminds me of the whole anti-vaxxer movement where completely avoidable outbreaks of chicken pox and measles continued to happen because some refused to heed medical advice and warnings. Today—unless you’ve been living under a rock, the writing’s on the wall. You need to take covid-19 seriously and not plead ignorance. We all play a critical role in protecting our community and that starts now—not when it suits you. We’re in this together.

I’ve seen news stories regarding people who are not mindful of the message of social distancing etc. It’s not only young people—It’s those who “feel fine” or “aren’t sick”—those are the most dangerous as they could be spreading the virus without even realizing it.

 Don’t be the one who takes the virus home to your elderly Grandma or to your sister who has arthritis and is on medication to suppress her immune system, or to your Uncle who has asthma. That’s what it’s all about.

Don’t be selfish and/or ignorant. It’s not only about you.

Every time you make a conscious choice to ignore warnings and guidelines from health officials you are thumbing your nose at those around the world who’ve died or are suffering from the effects of this nasty little virus. I realize you’re not an idiot so don’t act like one. It doesn’t help anyone.

You know, a hundred years ago the Spanish flu spread like wildfire throughout the world and killed over 50 million people. Here we are facing a similar situation with an unknown virus and no ability to fight it. The difference is today we have social media, 24/7 news reporting, and loads of forewarning.

We all need to learn from history and do what is asked of us.

All of us are living in a time that will make the history books. Someday you’ll tell your grandkids what you did during the great lock-down of 2020.

 Check on your neighbour. Call your Grandpa. Stay healthy. 

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