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Call for Submissions April 2020.

There are many markets open for submissions. Publications like Chicken Soup for the Soul, anthologies and independent magazines are looking for your work.

I did not compile either of these lists but wanted to share them with you because I know how daunting it can be wading through sites trying to find open markets. Have a look and maybe some will work for you. Good luck.

Remember, before you submit check out the publication. Make sure your work is a fit for them. Try not to write on spec (thats where you write a piece for them but there’s no promise/contract that they will publish it or pay for it.). If the price for the piece is not explicitly listed then ask prior to submission.

I hope all of you find a home for your work this April. You best get a move on it because it’s already the 10th! Wow…how did that happen. Good Luck.

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