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Do You Need Creative Inspiration? Check This Out.

One day I asked my 19-year-old son what social media platform I should look at to get ideas of what young people today are going through, thinking, and discussing.

You see, I learned a long time ago that the kids don’t want to be where their parents are. Facebook is for Boomers and even Twitter and Instagram are (according to my son) getting a little old.


Social media is an awesome inspiration. There’s a link to additional 50 Ways, Places, and Ideas to Motivate Your Muse at the bottom of this post.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram–Here’s five things you can do.

  1. Look for specific sites related to writing. Twitter has #WritingCommunity #Blogger and many more. Facebook on the other hand has tons of writing groups, advice, and publications. Check them out for fellow writers and community.
  2. If you like to write flash fiction use your Instagram feed. Scroll through until you find a picture you like and use it to write a 50 word story. It doesn’t matter who it came from or what it is…the more bizarre the better.
  3. Go to Twitter and you’ll notice they have a section on “Trending”. These are the things that are big news or highly discussed on social media. These are great jumping off points for stories, reactions, and passionate pleas. Read through the feeds you may develop some character profiles for a book or story. Don’t be looking at names or stealing their words–just let the inspiration flow.
  4. Pop into YouTube and see what’s up. Make sure you have lots of time though because YouTube (for me anyway) is a time sucker as I always wind up going down the proverbial rabbit hole of click, click, click.
  5. Oh, and then there’s the one my son just told me about. It’s called reddit. It is a question/answer forum with a category for everything under the sun. You can read questions about sex, relationships, writing, parenting, gaming, –oh my the list goes on and on. If you sign up and you answer a question and people “like” it then you get “karma” points. It’s very cool, a bit disturbing, and very inspirational. This is where the young people are.

I hope you all find inspiration today. Go after it and let that muse within you go wild with imagination and creative genius.

If the social media doesn’t do it for you then have a look at my post of Fifty Ways, Places, or Ideas to Motivate Your Muse. Click here: http://fayearcand.com/2019/06/14/my-twisted-writer-brain-fifty-ways-places-or-ideas-to-motivate-your-muse/

4 thoughts on “Do You Need Creative Inspiration? Check This Out.”

  1. Haha, glad you found Reddit! Careful though, once you really get going there, you’ll find it hard to leave. I find the r/writingprompts sub quite a treat for writers.

    1. OMG Stuart!! it’s too late… I went down that rabbit hole and still crawling out. So much great inspiration and connections. I’m going to go check out those writing prompts though. Thx for commenting. Awesome.

  2. Did you know Reddit has been around since 2005 and is the 19th most visited web site in the world? I used to check it out wayyyy back in the day, but haven’t for quite a while, though it is often referenced in news items, etc. Hmmm… worth checking out again! Thanks!

    1. omg Norma. I laughed when I read this. I did NOT know that reddit is that old. So funny. I guess I was off grid for a while. I don’t know if it’s changed since way back in the day but it’s definitely worth checking now.

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