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Teens: Try and Avoid Pandemic Depression! Five Things to do Everyday

This pandemic is taking it’s toll on a lot of young people. I’ve seen some isolate themselves to a point of reclusive and others so afraid they still don’t even want to go outside. The isolation is real. My Twisted Writer Brain…Covid-19 Self Isolation

This is so unhealthy and can cause lasting depression and mental health issues.

I just want you to do five things every single day.

  1. Talk to at least two different people for at least then minutes. This can be via Zoom or FaceTime or on the phone. You can also try that once popular archaic way and do it face to face. It’s important that you continue to connect to those around you. Sometimes it’s so they know you’re alright but it’s also an outlet of normal expectation. No go call your mom and tell her all about the hole in the bottom of your sock…or whatever–it doesn’t matter. Just do it.
  2. Get out of bed. Seriously don’t lay in your bed all day with your phone. Again this isn’t healthy and you know it…so stop doing it.
  3. Eat something green and no it can’t be a jellybean. It needs to have some sort of nutrition. Have a bowl of cucumbers with some salad dressing, or some celery with peanut butter, or maybe some steamed broccoli. Just do it.
  4. Have a shower and brush your teeth. These are such simple things but they quickly fall to the wayside when we feel down and out. Every morning jump in the shower and was the previous day off. Same with brushing. No exceptions. Every day. And yes you need to use soap and shampoo…not on your teeth–okay’d to use toothpaste there.
  5. Get moving and preferably outside. Even if you walk down to the end of the driveway and take ten deep breaths–it’ll make a difference. If you can’t get outside make sure you stand and jump around or walk the apartment halls, or maybe run up the stairs a few times. Keep that heart strong and awake.

So that’s all I ask you to do everyday. Nothing is too painful. Nothing costs anything but will pay off in feeling better both mentally and physically.

If you need to seek help, please do. Auntie Says…Let’s Chat about The Sensitive Subject of Teen Suicide

Did you call your mom today?

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    1. Hi Samantha! Thank you so much for stopping by. Teen and depression is such a precarious road, isn’t it. I’m so glad you’re aware and pushing her to engage. All my best. Stay healthy. xoxo

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