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How to Go Far in Life By Making A Perceived Weakness A Strength

If I was to ask you, what is your biggest weakness, what would you answer?

It’s a tough question. Many don’t know themselves well enough or are reluctant to talk about themselves in such weighted terms as strength and weakness.

It’s a question you should be prepared to answer in life though whether for a future job interview, awareness training, or self exploration.

It’s actually a common question asked in corporate interviews and answering it shows a lot about who you are.

So what’s your answer?

Let’s first define: Weakness: lacking strength, a flaw or fault, disadvantage or frailty.

Ugh, sounds pretty negative–how do you turn anything like that into a positive.

Look at yourself. Who are you? What makes you who you are? What life lessons did you learn and absorb into your soul as a child? Do you have compassion? empathy? or perhaps an extraordinary gift of listening and learning?

Perhaps you have a weakness for potato chips or ice cream. Rather harmless but nonetheless a personal weakness–but you can make it a positive in that we all need to periodically indulge as a reminder to stay healthy.

What else is a weakness?

Don’t let someone else define it for you. Define it yourself and take your perceived weakness and make it a strength.

It may be that you can’t walk by the homeless person sitting on the corner without putting a dollar in his cap. That’s a weakness too. Maybe you have some personal story (like a family member who lived on the streets and you always hoped someone would help them if possible). Perhaps all your life you’ve been told to watch out for your fellow human beings–which is a strength.

Is that a weakness? It can be perceived as that. It depends on how you want to look at it.

We all have weakness in our personalities and sometimes it comes down to being human.

I’m not going to answer the question for you because I want each and every one of you to explore your own soul for the answer.

A couple of other examples may be having a soft spot for animals. As a result you’re now the proud parent of five fur babies. Is this a negative? To some it is. It shows a lack of strength in being able to say no or keeping things to a reasonable limit. I see it as compassion and a willingness to nurture and provide a home.

Another perceived weakness may be an apparent shy demeanor where you don’t push yourself to the front of the group and jump up and down to be recognized. For some that means you don’t have the confidence to stand out and make yourself noticed. What I would ask you to see though is your ability to stand back and observe. To have the self respect at the forefront and an ability to know when and how to act.

If anyone ever asks you how your weakness effects you in the world, be ready to spin it into a positive.

Lesson of The Day: You are unique and special. What you see as a negative can also be a positive. Don’t ever forget that. Go and search yourself and define those unique qualities that are yours and make you–YOU!

I believe in you.

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