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Three Crucial Things to Do Before You Die–Waaaay Before You Die. Go Do Them Now.

Everyday ticks by as we go about out business. We don’t plan for things like a global pandemic or tragic accidents but we all know they happen. 

If something happened to you or a loved one tomorrow would you have all the information you need? 

There’s Three things I want to you to do and tuck away in a safe place in case there’s ever a need. Once these three things are done–go live your life–relax.

First: Get the Scoop on the Family History and Medical Facts.

Sit down with a family member who knows the history of cancers, heart disease, diabetes, surgeries, thyroid, ovaries, mental health, high blood pressure, epilepsy,  miscarriages, still born, dementia, alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual orientation–anything and everything you can think of.

Write it down. Who has what and what happened to them? Medications? Allergies? Don’t try and commit to memory. That doesn’t work. 

You may think this is no big deal but there are many things that are hereditary and/or genetic. 

How old was Grandma when she died? Grandpa? Cause of death? Any unknowns? Is anyone adopted? There may be another search on that front. 

Find out things like why your mom had a  hysterectomy at 40 and why Uncle Johnny spend time in the psych ward. The answers could prove useful in the future. 

Second: Write Down and Share Your Passwords

I’ve said this before and it bears repeating… write your passwords down, seal them in an envelope, and then put them away (or give to someone for safe keeping).

This goes for parents and kids. If someone passes unexpectedly you’ll need to be able to access their phone, lap tops, subscriptions, pictures, etc.

This is such an easy thing to do. There’s no infringement upon your privacy because it’s only for safekeeping.

Don’t wait on this…just do it.

Third: Confess

Imagine yourself laying on your death bed and the end is near–is there anything you want to tell those left behind?

The time to prepare for that is now… before you pass. Don’t leave with regrets.

If you’ve been living with something your entire life and you feel that it would be better to make a deathbed confession then prepare it and seal it for after.

Who knows? Perhaps you had a child you never told anyone about? or a secret about the family? Maybe the real father of your youngest is the postman…It doesn’t matter how big or small you may think it is–-if it’s something that weighs on your mind then write it down, seal it, and give it to someone you trust for safe keeping.

You may not get a chance as you lay on the hospital bed–make a choice.

I wish you all a safe and long life. A little preparation goes a long way.

What are you waiting for? Just go do it.

4 thoughts on “Three Crucial Things to Do Before You Die–Waaaay Before You Die. Go Do Them Now.”

  1. Such important advice! And also of importance for writers (besides the usual–wills, health issues/living wills, funeral insurance, etc): Make sure you keep really good records of your financials related to your writing (clients, publishers, taxes, business bank account, etc.–and ideally, have a second person on your accounts who you also keep up-to-date on all your writing-related activities!). Oh! But this is your “Auntie” blog … maybe you’ll want to write a similar post on your writing blog, eh? 🙂

  2. Faye there isn’t anything that you don’t think of. Amazing. Really good advice.


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