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The Art of Goal Setting and Why It’s Important in Your Life.

You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t have goals. Are you spinning around and not moving forward? How sad is that? Goals are easy to set and if you do it correctly, they should also be attainable. They’re time sensitive and there’s a true sense of accomplishment when reached.

With Covid and the global pandemic there’s a lot of negativity lurking all around. It has a huge affect every single day whether you realize it or not. It’s tucked in the back of your head and sucks you in because there doesn’t seem to be any way out.

Let’s say Screw You Covid… hit the late reset button on 2020 and take back some of our control. We all need a break from the negative self talk and though it’s late in the year it’s never too late to take on a positive stance.

Who said January was the only time you could set resolutions or goals? That’s ridiculous. Let’s set some goals.

To set a goal, you must have a time line…a beginning, a middle, and an end–otherwise it’s just wishful thinking.

A goal needs to be very specific and measurable.

You may have a goal to be nicer to yourself. What does that look like? Does it mean you won’t eat chips at night or you will walk 30 minutes everyday, or perhaps you’ll commit to eight hours of sleep every night.

Write it down and post it where you can see it.

For Example: September 21, 2020: Goal: to lose five pounds by October 16th, 2020. (Notice the start date and the end date…it’s not just something floating out there forever.)

Specifics: starting today I will #1 not consume any chips for three weeks #2. drink 8 glasses of water a day and #3. I will walk for 30 minutes everyday.

Get a calendar: write your starting weight and goal weight. Check off the specifics everyday as you complete them. Measure at the end of the three weeks.

Whatever it is, you must be specific and that’s how you begin to turn a dream into reality.

Any goal you set should be about you.

It’s not about fulfilling someone else’s agenda, it’s about being true to yourself and doing what you want.

Goals can often start with good intentions, but the energy dwindles and that’s why it must be written down and visible. You need to check in everyday. Make a chart, draft a calendar, or even have an accountability buddy to stay on track.

Make your goal realistic and attainable in the time of Covid restrictions.

Set yourself up for success by setting mini-goals.

For example, if your goal is to drink only one latte a week, and you’re currently drinking one everyday, make the goal to drink only four, then three, then two…

Or if your goal is to write everyday–start with 100 words not 10,000.

The idea is to set yourself up for success and long term change rather than to fail.

If you begin to set these goals now, by January your new behavior should be ingrained and a new normal. Remember that January is going to come whether you do anything or not so why not take the control and make something happen.

G—go for it. Give yourself permission to be successful.

O—only for you…don’t do it for others.

A—attainable—be realistic.

L—look for the long term change.

September is such a beautiful time of year to get outside so take a deep breath and push that reset button.

You CAN make anything happen. I believe in you.

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    1. Thanks Pooja! Yes, I also find that I need to have the goals staring me in the face….I post them right beside my computer where I see them everyday. Great reminder. Thanks for stopping by.

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