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The One Thing No One Told Me About Blogging.

Last week I signed myself up for a free course on getting more out of blogging. It was all about organizing, planning, and monetizing your site. I soon realized I still had a lot to learn about embracing different social media platforms and seizing opportunities.

I gleaned a lot of information about analytics, advertising, media kits, and other professional tools used by the influencers, brands, and businesses. Check out Jasmine at Miss Millennia Magazine (A great speaker! I highly recommend her). She was fabulous and generous in sharing her knowledge and she said something that stuck me and changed my way of thinking. The funny thing is it had little to do with actual blogging and everything to do with personal insecurities, imposter syndrome, and self-esteem.

It went something like this…

If you’re a blogger, you should be uploading pictures, videos, and doing Facebook Live on a regular basis. If you don’t like to see yourself on the screen or in pictures–you’re in the wrong business.

Well, let me tell you, I hate seeing myself on the live feeds or in pictures. I can snap twenty selfies and delete them all for one reason or another–but no more!

Jasmine’s words really struck a cord with me because it made me realize how I was putting things off until ….

Until what? Until I lost 15 pounds? Until I felt more attractive or worthy? Until my hair was thick and wavy? Until my double chins suddenly disappeared? Or maybe until I’m ten years younger–say what?

It made absolutely no sense what so ever! People see me every single day and accept me for who I am. Why am I having such a tough time doing exactly the same thing. I am simply me… and I know I’m not in the wrong business and I will now step it up and get myself before the cameras more.

I would give this same advice to others who feel the same way. Imagine missing out on those opportunities to share simply because you didn’t have a pretty enough blouse, or the camera makes your nose look big, or your own voice grates on your nerves. Get out there and get over it.

Phew. Thanks for listening.

Question–Do you feel comfortable in front of the camera? Do you do live videos? Let me know I’m not entirely alone.

Thanks for reading My Twisted Writer Brain.

15 thoughts on “The One Thing No One Told Me About Blogging.”

    1. Hey Deven. Yes. Makes good sense. It’s not easy though–or for me anyway. Just need to get past all the insecurities etc. and just do. I always admire someone who just speaks off the cuff and holds themselves well. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I have never done a live video, but enjoy recording myself reading my work. I have uploaded 3 recorded readings of my poems so far.

    Just a few weeks ago I had contemplated starting a youtube page and reading them live. But ya… I chickened out on that one.

    1. Hey Mary Grace. I haven’t done a live video yet. Still a bit of a chicken. But am trying to just relax and do the videos and pix. Can’t always look perfect or be well coifed. I love that you’re doing readings of poems. That’s awesome. Do the YouTube. Why not? I’ll work my way up to that one.

  2. I also dont like showing my face. I have a YouTube channel but havent posted in a long time. I don’t like hearing my voice and recording myself! I need to get over it but haven’t yet…

    1. lol…Well, Azilde I think we’re probably both in good company. It’s hard to see yourself on screen. I try to ignore it as best I can. People see me everyday and I don’t hide….Keep trying. We both need to get over it and get out there. xo

      1. I completely agree Faye! Funny I just read the other day that 95% of people hate hearing their own voice. We are not alone! That’s part of it 😆 XO ❤️

  3. My “husband” used to make me feel like I was too fat to be seen in public. When I finally started over, one of the first purchases I made was a swim suit. Haven’t regretted it for a moment.

    1. I sense a story there Sally! Never ever feel less than. Just be who you are. Others see us everyday but we judge ourselves harder than any of our worst critics until we say NO. I’m going to be who I am everyday ❤️❤️

    1. ah Thanks for the vote of confidence Bryan. It’s tough but I’m trying. I remind myself that what I’m seeing on the screen is what people are seeing of me everyday….I am what I am….still not easy but doable. xoxo

  4. Well isn’t that interesting. I don’t do much “on-camera” work in my blog, and I think I’ve only done two videos. They were both very short and I wasn’t on camera for either (although I did narrate one). I say do whatever makes you comfortable. I’ll also say that every photo I have seen of you is LOVELY.

    1. Ah…you’re such a sweetheart. Thank you for the boost of confidence. I find it very hard to look at pix of myself and/or hear my voice of video. I’m trying desperately to ignore it and just move forward. We really are our own worst critics aren’t we? Thanks so much for stopping by. xo

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