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Important Life Bits in the Meanderings of My Twisted Writer Brain

Can you believe we’re now half way through November? I don’t know about you, but I really am done–like seriously d. o. n. e.–with 2020 and all it’s shenanigans.

The last few weeks have been a bit of a shambles for me when it comes to writing. It’s funny because I’m usually ahead of the game but for some reason I’ve fallen a bit behind and having to work later than usual. Sigh….

Perhaps its Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

Are you familiar with it? You can learn more by clicking here.

I believe SAD or the lack of natural light definitely plays a role in how I feel emotionally during the long winter months. How could it not?

It usually strikes me around Remembrance Day (aka: Veteran’s Day). Every year, except this one, I’ve attended some form of service in memory of those lost to the many wars. This year was different because of covid but it still got me as we watched the ceremonies on T.V.

Chokes me up every time.

Then right around this time of year, it’s dark by five o’clock and the weather starts to cool and even get nasty. Sigh…. This is hard and I know it’s not just for me. I don’t have that true pep in my step and the same drive and desire to get things done.

I don’t necessarily feel overly depressed or down. For me it’s more about energy that the longer days seem to provide. When it’s dark so early I want to hunker down and relax so it for sure takes me away from work earlier. To me it seems only natural to curl up in a nice warm blankie and read a book or watch a movie.

BUT…. Work still needs to get done so I keep going anyway. I feel better that way.

So, for today I just wanted to remind you about helping out a blogger by clicking on the links below the signature and sharing their blog to your own social media.

That’s a big one.

And, you’ve probably noticed lately that there’s a pop-up on my site asking you to sign up for my newsletter. How fun is that, right?

It would be great if you signed up.

The newsletter will be infrequent and noninvasive. Believe me, I don’t like junk mail anymore than the next person. The idea of a Newsletter is to inform you about activities in my writing world–speaking engagements, dates, places, that sort of thing.

Those things are difficult to do in a blog post because they’re time sensitive. I hope this will become more and more important as covid passes and we get back to events where we can meet and chat….oh man. I can’t wait!

So, if you’d sign up that’d be awesome and much appreciated.

Hmmmm….what else is happening in my little world.

I guess the last meandering on my twisted writer brain would be to share some new book releases of some close friends.

It’s always good to support an author.

So here are a few…

Well, I can tell you that my friend Jonas Saul just released his 25th book in the Sarah Roberts series.The Ultimatum. Check it out here.

Book 26 is set for release in December 2020

and another friend Stephanie Galay, just self published her very first book Evergreen. Check it out here.

And my friend Carol Rose GoldenEagle also just released a new book too! You can purchase it here.

The Narrows of Fear (Wapawikoscikanik) weaves the stories of a group of women committed to helping one another. Despite abuse experienced by some, both in their own community and in residential schools, these women learn to celebrate their culture, its stories, its dancing, its drums, and its elders.” source 

One important thing to remember after reading a book is to provide a review. It’s great if you can go back to the source and review it there. Giving a review on Amazon is a great perk for the writer.

Click here for some ideas of how to review a book.

Stay sane everyone. I know this is a really tough time and we need to be patient. Read a book, complete a review, and of course support a blogger with your sharing.

You’re all the bestest.

2 thoughts on “Important Life Bits in the Meanderings of My Twisted Writer Brain”

  1. Yep, that time of year! I’ve spent 60 plus hours over the past month or so doing self-editing on my “book/project” after the beta reads I had last spring (and then set aside…). At this point, I feel like tossing the whole thing into the round file! But no, I shall soldier on! Cheers!

    1. lol….yup I hear ya. Toss it in the air and let it flutter to the ground. Man oh Man….so tempted sometimes. But, that being said I’m beginning to feel like I have a handle on things and am getting much better at saying NO. …well sorta 😉 Like you Norma, I shall soldier on. xo

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