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A Powerful Lesson That Needs to be Taken to Heart

I was at the store today and just about to head to the self checkout because the lines were very long.

I’m doing my thing when I hear a woman scream. The words didn’t register with me but the sense of panic and surprise in the woman’s tone of voice definitely caught my attention.

I glance over and see a white-haired, heavier-set woman probably around age 70, leaning on her shopping cart and favoring her one leg. She yelled again and pointed towards a young man who’d already passed through the checkout.

“That man slammed into me with his cart…” she shouted and pointed.

The guy was probably in his early 20s and very handsome. I’m sure his mom and dad love him and are proud of their son but today he was a complete jerk.

He shouted back as his friend pulled him along. Was there a threat that he’d come back and finish off the job and make sure the lady ended up on the ground. Idk but he was incensed at this woman’s plight.

“She stopped right in front of me. Stupid bitch shouldn’t have stopped like that…”

Seriously? Omg!

The incident happened in a fast and furious manner. There were people everywhere and the mayhem of the store overshadowed the entire exchange. The guy left and the lady rubbed her leg and completed her order. She seemed to shake it off but I bet she’d be thinking about it for the rest of the day–I know I was.

What makes me angry is the attitude and language of the young man. I’m very well aware of the heightened anxiety and stress as a result of covid but that still doesn’t excuse bad behavior or manners. Stop and breathe.

The young man was well-dressed and I’m sure presented very well and I bet he’s a really nice guy. But something slipped in his world to where he should be ashamed of his actions and reactions. There’s no excuse for being so rude.

Imagine if that woman were your Grandmother, your Mother, or Auntie and some smart ass jerk is calling her a bitch??? If that doesn’t disturb you then I’m very sad for you.

We live in this world together and we need to take care of each other. When you’re young and in a hurry I get it… I really do. Sometimes, I still have to slow myself down and take a deep breath as a little old lady counts out her change or an elderly gentleman leaves his blinker on his car. It’s not the end of the world.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Auntie Lesson: Always put yourself in someone else’s shoes and remember you don’t want other self-entitled jerks treating your loved ones with such disrespect. That lady who he knocked with the cart is someone’s granny or friend. She matters too. Don’t be an asshole.

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