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What Are You Gonna do When All You Wanna do is Whine?

It’s Wednesday. It snowed. I don’t feel like doing anything.

Waaa….poor me. This is me today and yet this whining isn’t garnering a lot of sympathy– even from me. Ugh. Double Ugh. Grrrr…

It’s Wednesday. I hate Wednesday… (insert attitude)

Um… dude, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. All the days look the same. Working from home and trying to get out of bed by ten am is tough enough, but hey it was the same yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that.

Get over yourself. All the days look a like now.

Yeah, well it snowed… (insert huge pout)

Again, who cares? You haven’t driven in a week except to weave through the complicated two order system drive-thru at McDonald’s. You ordered a coffee and cheeseburger….wtf? Coulda stayed home for that. Sigh…

It still snowed. I can rant about that. Well, ah no cuz you didn’t have to shovel, you have no plans to go out, and now you can see if anyone walked up the walk to the front door (instead of just being suspicious and peeking out the front window).

Fine then.

Still don’t wanna do nothin’… (insert even bigger pout)…

Yeah, well if you don’t want to do ‘nothing’ it means you want to do ‘something’. Check your grammar. And ‘wanna’ … well, too dang bad. Things like work need to get done. Here’s a trick for you.

Don’t look at the entire project that needs to be done. Like, let’s say you have to clean the kitchen … start with the dishwasher–loading and/or unloading. Get that one thing done.

Phew… that’s a huge part done. Now you can do another small thing and they can add up until you don’t even realize you finished the entire job.

Okay, okay… it was a bad example. I know, I know. Just piss off, right? I was trying to sound cheery and not whiney, but came across as lil’ Perfect Puddin’ who can do no wrong. Certainly not my forte.

I’m wasting time. I’m avoiding. I’m basically hangin’ out and using every excuse I can think of not to get back to work.

Sigh…. I know I’ll feel much better when it’s all done.

I’m working on interjecting my personality into a non-fiction book proposal. I’m probably about half way through (the proposal–not my personality)–which is half way more than I was yesterday. So another day and I’ll be done and it’s over. Oops…slipped into a wee bit too much cheer again.

(insert frown and biggest pout of all…like my lip is almost to the floor people!)

Okay, if I have to— whiney little tantrum over. Back to work.

Off you go…shoo…off to work. All of you.

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