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Is it Weird That I Bought Myself a Valentine’s Day Gift?

Valentine’s Day–a day that morphs and changes as we get older.

When you’re little it’s fun to craft cool creative cards for mom and dad or to give everyone in the class a special Valentine. It was all about cinnamon hearts, red construction paper, and simple fun.

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Then the teen years hit.

It’s not cool that mom puts a chocolate covered marshmallow heart in your lunch anymore. (You secretly savor it while making sure no one sees you eating it…shh…).

When you’re in middle school the whole Valentine’s Day thing is stupid.

All that love crap.

That is, unless you have a significant other–which of course I never did. I was always a little jelly of the popular girls who came to school with their arm draped around their current love interest.

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Valentine’s Day is a couples day.

Unless you’re paired up it meant nothing except perhaps anguish, jealousy, and longing. There was often a need to simply be done with the day.

Heaven help you if there was a Valentine’s Day Dance… Ugh.

Oh man–so cheesy and so many desperate young people wishing they were the one being asked out onto the dance floor to sway along to a slow song. I can still hear the pounding hearts of those wall flowers–wishing for the day to be over and yet dreaming of being a part of it all and the forever memories of imagined first love. (Right about here I want to insert a green faced emoji as I recall being one of those wall flowers…it still hits me after all these years…sigh…)

After the awkward school years (and maybe even college) the idea of Valentine’s Day changes again.

Now it becomes more serious–and expensive. Still a day for couples, it’s even more special–not to be forgotten but to be embraced as a day of passion, love, romance, and gift giving–the shinier the better.

I remember one time sending flowers to myself on Valentine’s Day

Yeah, it was a million years ago though, so my memory is a little fuzzy~~it may have had something to do with trying to make a boyfriend jealous. Well tbh, it had everything to do with making a boyfriend jealous. Lol. I have no idea if it worked, but that guy isn’t my husband, so I guess that sort of answers that.

Then there comes a time when you want it all to STOP!

Stop with the spending, the frivolousness, and of course the commercialism of it all.

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It’s all so stupid. Why do we depend on all these extraneous forces to bequeath us with gifts of love. Why don’t we do that more for ourselves? Yeah, why don’t we?

There’s absolutely no reason you can’t buy yourself a Valentine’s Day gift. Maybe a spa day, or a huge bouquet of flowers, or better yet a diamond necklace.

It’s not weird. It’s practical.

You get what you want and you don’t have to depend on another person getting it for you. All good.

I will say that if I were you, I’d buy that Valentine’s Day gift on February 15th and probably save a bundle. There’ll be plenty of chocolate and flowers on sale that day. Just a thought.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day about love and romance–not expensive gifts–but that being said, sometimes you just gotta join the rest of society and do what you want to do. There’s nothing weird about it. In fact, I think it’s rather liberating. Go for it. xoxo

This Valentine’s Day is all yours.

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