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The Week in Review and Tying Up Loose Ends.

Hi Everyone.

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I trust that you’re tucked in and staying warm this week. If you’re in North America the Polar Vortex has swept down over Canada and the United States leaving freezing temperatures everywhere.


Have I ever told you I don’t like the cold? lol…I don’t like the heat either. I suppose you could call me Goldilocks… Okay. Okay. I’m not really that bad… but I do admire the stubbornness of cats.

Anyway, back to this last week. Other than cold it was rather uneventful. The quarantine and restrictions remain in place and the confusion over vaccines is so ridiculous I couldn’t help but just shake my head, turn off the news, and ignore the whole business.

Unless it’s good news I really don’t want to hear it.

So this week for Auntie Says I concentrated on the idea of self care and personal power. Hey, why would you wait for someone to send you a Valentine’s Day gift. Treat yourself and don’t rely on someone else for your happiness. Find it within.

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For My Twisted Writer Brain there’s a concentration on the industry for now.

Take a look at the Explanation of the Publishing World and then an interview with my literary agent Stacey Kondla.

Another great thing this week was I able finally able to send out another newsletter. Whoop Whoop. I’m still climbing a huge learning curve in preparing the newsletter but I’m getting better and better. If you didn’t receive it or would like a copy, let me know. This month there was TWO pdfs for FREE download. The first being a worksheet on building characters and the other a great poster to hang at your workstation for those dang filler words. If you didn’t get the newsletter and would like to subscribe you can do so here. Just leave a comment telling me and I’ll make sure you get the latest newsletter.

As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, I wish you all well and hope you treat yourself if you want. Stay tuned for a bunch of fun stuff coming up soon. So much on the back burner…I can’t wait to tell you, but ….

Talk soon.

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    1. Hi. There is a pop up link on the website but it can easily be missed. So what I did was went in and put the link in my Week in Review post. Just click and leave me your email and then comment so I can send you the latest email. Thanks so much for your patience. xo

    1. Hi Sally. Well, I’m flattered that you like the concept. I too find it a relaxed way to just say Hey… this is what the week was like. I can’t wait to read yours. Thanks for stopping by my friend. xo

  1. Here’s a good book I’ve just finished about an agony uncle. Funny and poignant too. Thought you might enjoy it as you’re sort of an agony aunt. Cheers. Rosalie


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