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My New Years Look at How to Solve Procrastination

Ah, the art of procrastination…gotta love it…or hate it–I guess it depends on the day. It can serve as a tool to put off anything and/or everything.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

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Yup, blame the bed!

It wouldn’t let me get out of the cozy nest of the down comforter and then…

The coffee–yes the coffee!–held me in a vice grip and forced me have another cup or two…three. It was like I had no control over anything in my world and I knew there was no use fighting it.

Not my fault.

Nope. No use at all. How can I fight against that power?

It’s one of those things that afflicts every writer at different times. I would say there’s no “easy” way to solve procrastination, otherwise everyone would be doing it, right?

Imagine everyone sitting down everyday and diligently typing out their novels–hour after hour–with no breaks, no doubts, and no crumbs on the keyboard. Yeah sure! Makes me laugh…ha ha…writers don’t really do that. Do they? Can they?

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Sometimes I really feel like I need someone to take care of me.

You know, make me coffee, cut the crusts off my ham sandwich, and of course clean my desk–though without actually touching anything because everything is where it’s supposed to be and has to be where I can find it.

Like, do you get it? I want you to clean my desk but don’t touch.

It’s a writer thing.

My hubby is pretty good if I remind him of things–like dishes and floors. But let me tell you, the man is brilliant, but can’t put a flippin’ fitted sheet onto the bed if his life depended on it. Seriously?

Maybe I need like a mommy…

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Or a nanny, but not one who tells me to clean up my desk because I like my desk just as it is–well, I like it until I don’t, but that too is a writer thing.

The problem with having a mommy-nanny to keep me on track is she’d probably make me eat cauliflower and I loathe that foul smelling veg probably more than mushy green peas–and believe me that’s really bad.

Okay, that’s a no-go on the mommy-nanny plan.

A Personal Assistant…that’s what I need…

Hmmm….Maybe this could work. A Personal Assistant wouldn’t be too bad except for the fact there’d be someone in my office needing direction.

Man oh man, don’t I do enough and now I have to take care of a personal assistant too.

I’d have to create a schedule and I’d have to go down the stairs to let him/her into the house because Lord knows I’m not giving them the key code. No way, they’d have access to me at all hours –um no. It’s not gonna happen. Damn pushy Personal Assistants. Geez.

Okay, so it looks like it’s all up to me to provide the swift kick in the ass and get myself moving. Okay–diggin’ deep here.

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I need to remember writing is my forte. It’s a gift bestowed upon me by a Higher Being. It is something that flows through me and I can not waste this gift as it isn’t fair to the rest of the world to be cheated out of my twisted writer brain and it’s creative wackiness.

I do know know that some people can’t even write in a blank birthday card? They see the space and they completely freak. They freeze because they don’t know what to write….they’re not writers.

I’m a writer….I don’t freeze.

I write.

In fact, I fill every square inch of that birthday card with random thoughts and wishes.

That’s what a blank page needs. It needs me! Yes. I’m needed.

I don’t need anyone to fluff my towels or put little smiley faces on my sliced cucumbers (it would be nice but not completely necessary). I get it.


I feel better.

Okay, thanks for the chat. I gotta go get some work done!

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Oh wait, maybe I should get a cat. Doesn’t every writer have a cat?

For some surefire ways to beat procrastination check this out. And, there’s also a book that I’d recommend. Check it out here. It was enough to put things into perspective when I needed it most and give me a real shot of energy.

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    1. Ha Ha….actually we don’t anymore. She went to stay with my niece because we were going to travel–then pandemic hit and my niece wouldn’t give her back. I really think I need one…I think that feels writerly.

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