February 24th is Pink-Shirt Day. What You Can Do To Help

Source: PinkShirtDay.ca

Bullies come in all shapes, ages, and sizes. They’re other students, co-workers, family members, bosses, friends, strangers, or perhaps even a spouse or boyfriend.

Being bullied can look like exclusion, teasing, name calling, abuse–physical and verbal, intimidation, threats, coercion, it can be cyber-stalking, negative texts, rumors…the list goes on.

It can be a very isolating and frightening experience and unfortunately is prevalent throughout society. Heck, you can encounter it in the grocery store, the parking lot, at your church, your job, or at home. Seems rather daunting doesn’t it?

Well, that’s where you come in.

Education, awareness, and a refusal to get sucked into that negative hole of bullying are all up to us. It’s not just the school-yard bully anymore. It’s everywhere. It may be subtle but you need to recognize it for what it is and be prepared to take a stand, get help, walk away, or smile and not engage.

I know I can look back and see situations where I was bullied as a kid and those greatly affected who I became as a person. One situation I remember vividly is being bullied by a bunch of girls wearing party dresses.

Source: PinkShirtDay.ca

The thing is that a bully could be your boyfriend. If this is the case then you must read this and get away from the situation. Bullying can easily escalate to violence and you don’t want to be there.

On Wednesday don a Pink Shirt to show your support Against Bullying. Take a stand.

Pink Shirt Day began in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2007.

The day began because two older students witnessed a younger student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. The old guys came to school the next day with a bunch of pink shirts and encouraged people to wear them and voila a movement was born.

Pink Shirt day is a day we can all stand shoulder to shoulder and make a statement against bullying.

You can help Pink Shirt Day by

  • wearing a pink shirt in solidarity with others in the community to take a stand against bullying.
  • You could donate to support things like Kids Help Line or Bullying Canada.
  • Enlist the support of your school or work place to get involved.
  • Always be kind. Be supportive. Don’t judge.
  • Recognize what a bully is and educate others around you.
  • Talk to those around you about what bullying looks like.
  • Ask yourself–are you a bully? Maybe it’s time to seek some help.

For help with bullying call or text 877-352-4497 of contact support@bullyingCanada.ca

Auntie Lesson

We can all learn more about what’s going on around us in regards to bullying. Talk with others and especially with your kids. Remember bullying doesn’t only come in the form of the brute on the playground. It’s all around us and as we take the bully’s power away, we become stronger. Believe in yourself and seek help or support if needed.

Be kind. Always.

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