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Have You Ever Heard the Expression: Get out of Dodge?

Recently on my Facebook feed a young woman who I knew as a child posted this message.

I can’t stress this enough. GET OUT OF YOUR HOMETOWN. Even if it’s not forever. Move. Travel. See the world. There is more to life than the same 10 people and the same 2 bars.

a young person’s shared wisdom

This really struck me for a couple of reasons.

First, I agree wholeheartedly and

second, it makes me so sad how much the wings of young people have been clipped due to the global pandemic.

After I finished school I hit the airport and headed to Trinidad and Tobago. I learned so much about travel and people and maybe more importantly, about myself.

I learned how strong I was and that I could do anything I set my mind to. Check here some ideas that you could do.

Spread your wings or as the expression says…Get out of Dodge.

This is an old reference to Dodge City, Kansas made famous during old westerns.

To me it’s about escaping out of a small town–perhaps where acceptance is questionable and everyone knows what and who you are–it’s time to move on…

Where will you go when given the opportunity? Leave an answer in the comments. I love to know and hear what people have planned.

Auntie Lesson:

Teach the young people in your life to reach for their dreams.

Encourage diversity and growth.

There’s a big wide world out there and though you’ll see pictures online, it’s not the same as engaging and experiencing another place.

Once the world opens up again I hope you explore the next town, travel to the a neighboring state/province/prefecture. Make a plan to expand your horizons and grow as an individual.

8 thoughts on “Have You Ever Heard the Expression: Get out of Dodge?”

  1. I am definitely glad I took some time away from home to grow in my own way and become my own woman. My husband and I have just recently moved back to the Midwest, which is where I’m from originally. I’m still a few hours away from my hometown, but closer than I have been in over a decade. And I can say my time away not only helped me figure out myself, but it also helped me appreciate my home turf a bit more when I returned. But I do still have an incredible sense of adventure, and I can’t wait until we can all set off on the next big trip.

    1. that is so awesome. I too returned “home” so to speak. Same province and some distance between the old days but still familiar. It sounds like the time away really had a positive impact on you which is so awesome to hear. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I too am chomping at the bit to get going on the next big trip….soon I hope. xo

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