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Three Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Writer Newsletters

I have a mailing list. Did you know that? I only send out a letter every couple of months or so, but it’s a tool in my writer toolkit to use to share new information, sales, or exciting events that are coming up.

Personally, I subscribe to a whole slew of newsletters. I love them and maybe you will too.

Here’s some info on writing your own if you’re interested.

Subscribe to mine here.

There’s no reason to fear subscribing to a newsletter…


You get industry news sooner than other people. When you’re first to know about events, speakers, and release dates it’s great as you can plan accordingly.

The information is targeted toward the industry. So, if you’re a writer, then you want to keep up with what’s happening –maybe there’s a new agency, or perhaps a specific agent is opening for new submissions…you never know what you’re going to get.

The nice thing about a newsletter is that they are usually written with the readers allowable time restraints in mind. If they’re done well, they have headings and a small explanation to a topic with links if you want to know more.

The fact that they’re broken down is handy and allows you to scan then pick and choose.

As a writer, I subscribe to the bigger newsletters like Writer’s Digest still a big time player in North America , Ann Handley’s: Total Anarchy (great marketing advice, writing tips, and advice–and a great sense of humor), and Australian Writers which promotes a sense of community and great interaction.

I also subscribe to smaller newsletters of individual authors to help them get their feet off the ground. It’s always appreciated and is a great way to help other writers.


By subscribing to the newsletters within the industry you become an insider. You’ll be offered discounts, rewards, or free stuff.

You will be reminded of contests that you like to participate in and also see what’s going on with other writers.

They can also be a way to build yourself a writing community. Newsletters of course often lead (have links) to the website where there are often contests and forums available to discuss things with fellow writers. You can learn a lot and connect with others.

Tips and reminders come straight to your in-box and you don’t even need to think about it.

There could be writing opportunities too. I know the Australian Writer’s offered blogging opportunities in January. I was going to go for it but I had too much going on at the time.


The nice thing is that they’re easy to unsubscribe from or just delete.

There was a time when trying to unsubscribe to things was difficult but with stricter rules and regulations it’s become easier to opt out.

Most that I subscribe to are quite informative and I enjoy but if they become bothersome I’ll unsubscribe immediately. I had one that came every three or fours days and always marketing and offering nothing in return. It got tiresome very quickly.

Subscribing to anything is a personal choice, but I’d say get over the fear of newsletters as there may be more good than bad.

Enjoy your day. Go subscribe to my newsletter.


IMO there’s more positive than negative when subscribing to newsletters. The reader is the one in control as the sender must stop if you unsubscribe. Simple as that.

3 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Writer Newsletters”

  1. Everything I read on publicizing a book says, “Start a newsletter so you can build an email list.” But I can’t imagine what I’d say in a newsletter that I’m not already saying on my blog. Enough already. How much do people actually want to hear from me?

    What have you found to focus your newsletter on? How well has it worked for you?

    1. Hey Ellen. I hear ya. I felt very much the same way. The idea behind the newsletter is building up a trust with the reader. I don’t want to bother my readers either and don’t very often. And, it can’t be sell, sell, sell. If I saw that it would be unsubscribed.
      What I’ve found is that people really want to “know” a little about the person doing the writing. I started doing a Saturday “week in review” and it simply took off. That is more newletter-y to me than blog….you know what I mean?
      It’s really a personal thing. Right now I don’t have anything to really sell so am building up the base for when I do. I hope that makes sense.
      I love your blog btw.

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