Auntie Says..., My Twisted Writer Brain…

It was a Week of Smiles, High-Fives, Hope on the Horizon, and Some Auntie Love. How About you? How was Your Week?

What a fantastic week.

There’s so much going on. What, you ask?

Well, writing, editing, and of course event planning for the fall Wine Country Writers Festival is now in full swing…Oh, and then there’s laundry, dusting, dog walking, and a nap every once in a while. I’m loving it.

So let’s get to it.

I hope you all got to read my blogs this week. If not, here you go. Just click on the link and have a quick look-see. Some clever stuff there, even if I do say so myself. lol

With Auntie Says this week the concentration was on relationships. The first was all about friendship and saving too much information. A little reminder to Just Shut Your Mouth sometimes needs to be done. And, then a short discussion about Love, Money, and Finances. If you’re planning on going into a common-law relationship or even a marriage, then you should definitely read this. Feel free to share too.

Then with My Twisted Writer Brain, I addressed Imposter Syndrome and served up a reality check for this idea of being driven by passion in your writing.

Both are a quick and easy read and will get you thinking about your life as a writer.

The Word on the Lake Writer’s Festival.

The festival went all the way through until Sunday afternoon. It’s the first time I’ve actually presented via Zoom at a conference. It was a little unnerving to begin with but once I got into it I had a lot of fun.

I did two workshops. The first was about Crafting the Short Story and the second was Figuring out Freelance. I also moderated a panel for Promotion and Marketing of Your Work. All were greatly received and the guests, hosts, and other presenters were all amazing.

This is me sitting cross legged in my chair at the computer. My son delivered Starbucks…lucky me! And, let me tell you, if you’re doing online meetings and you don’t have a ring light, I highly recommend you get one as they make a huge difference in a positive way. Yup. Good investment.

Here’s a Piper Update

She’s doing really well. She had her leg surgery on April 8th…so almost six weeks ago. She is starting to bear more weight on it and is off all meds now. She’s no long a cone head and doesn’t walk into walls anymore. She didn’t lose her bark at all. She likes to sit at the front door and scare anyone that dares knock…Little do they know her tail is wagging a hundred miles a minute because she thinks her play-date finally arrived but the bark sounds like she ready to devour you, teeth and all. lol.

A New-World Verb…

I got Pfizered!! Whoop Whoop….

Looking forward to seeing the world again…. a post pandemic world!

I’m the Luckiest Auntie EVER!

I don’t go to the mailbox everyday because I don’t get snail-mail very often. But wow…this last week has been so wonderful. I got two very special packages from a couple of my very fave people.

The first was a beautiful World’s Best Auntie mug….Yes!! Coffee Time. Beautiful. AND a gorgeous shadow box made by my niece Leesa. In behind are snippets of short stories I’ve written. Am I the luckiest ever?!

And then…. LOOK AT THIS!!

Oh my Gosh…the sweetest beautiful tea mug EVER!! I’m now officially beverage covered. Inside the tea mug was an assortment of jelly beans. YUMMMMM…. Thank you to my niece Tacia and her family.

Can’t wait for a cuppa….

Such a great week. So special and full of positivity.

The Wine Country Writers Festival is Going Virtual for 2021

Next week I’ll tell you all about the work that’s happening on the fast approaching Wine Country Writers Festival. Hopefully by this time next week we’ll be live.

There’s a writing contest–three categories including Short Story Fiction. Short Nonfiction/memoir/personal essay and Poetry.

We have a great line up of presenters….and have I told you–registration is FREE this year. More next week. Talk soon.

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