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A Week Of Stress, Cooler Temps, and Gratitude

Well, the weekend is finally here.

I hope you got to check out my Auntie Says posts this week:

This week I opened a discussion on Zoomers (those born in 2000-2010) and their avoidance of conflict and communication. Please check it out HERE as it helps us all understand better.

The other thing Auntie Says looked at was GRATITUDE. Here you’ll see pictures taken from my home of an eerie scene when yet another fire broke out about 20 kilometers away. Scary.

If My Twisted Writer Brain is more your thing click HERE to read about the depressed writer. It’s more common than you think but it can also quash the creative in you.

And, a look at publishing. Look HERE for the different types of publishing and what you need to watch out for. Never be afraid to ask… ever.

If you follow the news at all I’m sure you’ve seen the wildfire situation in British Columbia. If you look at the map it appears as though the entire province is on fire, but it’s deceiving.

British Columbia, which is the western most province in Canada, is also very large compared to other areas of the world. So while it looks like the entire thing is on fire, this picture should add some perspective.

The fires will continue to rage through the summer. While we can hope for rain, there’s none in the forecast and summer storms that do pop up are often accompanied by lightening so that’s no good.

Last year we were evacuated and this year the fires are still to close. We’re safe but always on edge. And, we’re not alone in the angst as many are now out of their homes and this year an entire town was completely destroyed by fire (Lytton, B.C.).

If you haven’t registered for the Wine Country Writers’ Festival yet then you might want to do that. There’s a writing contest too…closes in less than a month!

Stay grateful. Stay Safe.

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3 thoughts on “A Week Of Stress, Cooler Temps, and Gratitude”

  1. Your article on depression was an eye-opener. I finally have to acknowledge that I’m suffering from PTSD and need a little help. Trying to find low cost or free counselling but i it’s a little overwhelming.
    Thank you, though.

    1. Hey Sally. Have you thought of calling the help line just to get some direction? They may be able to steer you in the write direction. ((hugs)) my friend. PTSD is something that is real and debilitating. I’m here. xoxo

  2. Hey Sally. Glad it resonated. PTSD is written off too fast by people and they don’t realize the lingering long term suffering. Call the help line and ask to talk to someone. It may be a start to getting a handle on things or for reference info. Stay in touch. xoxoxo

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