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Divorce. A Loopy Brain. Resolutions. Why September is the Perfect Time to Hit the Reset Button

Happy New Year 2021 + 3/4

Many years ago, someone (nope, I don’t know who) told me that more marriages break up in September than any other month of the year (is that true? idk.). This unknown person said that September was the perfect month because the fun of summer was complete, you’re far enough away from Christmas to cause any big kerfuffle, and the kids start back to a new routine with school. Makes sense to me.

Seriously, I don’t know about the accuracy of the statistics, but for many–me included–September is like the beginning of a New Year.

Do you get what I’m saying?

The “year” is 3/4 done but there’s still time for change–a fresh start if you will. September is special that way. The sun is still warm (in North America) and winter’s bite hasn’t yet arrived. If you’ve reached this far through the year and aren’t feeling accomplished, you can slip down that negative-Nelly rabbit hole of writing off the rest of the year because you didn’t get anything done. Try and avoid that if you can. It’s not worth it.

That constant negative loop through your mind can drown out your amazingness .

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • meh, who cares?
  • why bother? I’ll start in the New Year.
  • I’m such a loser.
  • I’m not that talented/smart/fast/thin/good so why try?
  • I’ll just fail.
  • nothing I do works.
  • it was just a silly dream.
  • just a few more months and the holidays will be here, so this isn’t the time.
  • tomorrow. I’ll start tomorrow. next week…ah heck, October looks good.
  • it’s all on me. sigh…
  • I get no support…

That negative loop is killing your drive and zapping any creative energy needed to get things done. The negativity affects your poor brain every single day whether you realize it or not. It’s tucked in the back of your head and sucks you in because you don’t see any other way out.


I’m going to tell you right now–It’s time to hit the reset button and give yourself a break from your own negative self talk.

source: Scott “Q” Marcus

Remember January?

When you look back at the beginning of the year, were there things you wanted to complete or accomplish throughout the year? January is the traditional time to make resolutions and set goals but really it’s a terrible time of year to do any of that.

Think about it…January is a cold, miserable month and the bills from Christmas start coming in…that’s no fun. You then make resolutions and pile on the pressure of having to change something major in your life and that’s a recipe for failure which starts that negative loop that follows you.

It’s sad really because though you start with the best intentions, the odds for success are not in your favour.

Fresh Energy is Waiting For You!

Fast forward nine months and you have September presenting itself with all it’s glory. There’s a fresh energy in the air (even with all the blah blah blah about covid and restrictions) that can add a boost to anyone’s mood. The days are warm and the evenings cool…sheer perfection compared to January.

September is the beginning of a new school year and it’s a time when new routines are reconfigured and embraced. What a great time to start a New Year. What a great time to toss out the negative self talk, take back the control, set new goals and make positive self-affirmations.

Source: Doylestown Health

September Goals! Let’s Go!

Who said January was the only time you could set resolutions or goals? That’s ridiculous. You still have time to revisit those you made in January or set some new ones.

You’re going to do things a bit different though. You need a calendar, a commitment, and some sort of accountability (ie: a friend to share your progress with).

Think of one thing you want to do for the remainder of the year or longer, work out a plan and get moving on it.

On August 30, 2021, I started a training program to run. Over the years, I’ve done several half marathons, 10K and 5K, but…since covid hit in March 2020, I’ve packed on 15 frikken pounds that really want to stay, and I haven’t done any running (or exercise in general actually).

SO….a conversation with a friend turned into a promise for accountability and we started a 10K running program together. My friend has never run a day in her life.

We will “run/walk” every Monday and Wednesday on our own and then get together for either a Friday or Saturday run.

Source: Unsplash Alex McCarthy

It’s perfect.

  • it’s not hugely time consuming
  • it feels great to be moving again
  • we’re going at a snails pace to retrain
  • and it’s September!
  • I’m was so excited that recruited one more person who is joining in (long distance no less) next week.
  • all of us will share our watch/fitbit/treadmill screens to show our session.
  • Are we brilliant or what? Well, yes we are.

Here’s the program we’re using. Following this program (and just jogging in a shuffle cha cha pattern–not lifting your knee) will benefit those who’ve never run and want to avoid injury.

I’ll post updates along the way.

Now go back up and hit that RESET button. It’s a perfect time to do it.

Auntie Lesson:

September is such a beautiful time of year to get outside (another plus compared to January), so take a deep breath and push that reset button. And to answer that loop in your head, I’ll tell you…Auntie cares. You DO matter, and you ARE that good/smart/thin/fast and you CAN make anything happen. Kick all that negativity to the curb because I believe in you. Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Divorce. A Loopy Brain. Resolutions. Why September is the Perfect Time to Hit the Reset Button”

  1. What your nameless friend told you about September I’ve heard that too. about September is the time when more relationships break up. My first marriage broke up in February but I’m an outlier. I like the idea of doing a reset in September I know I could just use the freshness of some new thinking.
    Great post.

    1. Hi Billie. Thanks for validating that for me. Sometimes I have these random things in my head and I wonder where they came from. Memories are such a funny thing. I love September and October. My fave time of year. Breathe the freshness in and let it cleanse and swirl through your brain… then go get to work. Thx for stopping by. So appreciated. xoxo

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