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Come Read the Quick and Easy Guide on How to Avoid Sexual Assault. This Will Surprise You With the True Common Sense of it All.

I was scrolling through Instagram one day when I came across this post. The title pissed me off with a knee jerk trigger reaction of women once again being instructed on how to avoid sexual assault. When were we finally going to stop blaming and putting all the responsibility on the victim? It isn’t fair.

And then I read each block. It took me a second or two before I got it but then I couldn’t wait to share it with you all.

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Auntie Lesson:

It really is time to stop blaming a victim of sexual assault. It’s not a crime of passion –it is all about power and control. Please remember too, that young men or those who identify as male or trans can also be victims of rape. I don’t care who you are… if you think you’re going to rape someone…get help. If you believe you’ve been a victim of rape contact your local police. If you are having fantasies or urges toward violence and rape please see your doctor to discuss psychological issues and treatments.

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9 thoughts on “Come Read the Quick and Easy Guide on How to Avoid Sexual Assault. This Will Surprise You With the True Common Sense of it All.”

  1. I really loved this I mean we need to genuinely stop blaming victims and its high time people who get such thoughts get psychological help for themselves they really need it urgently. You’ve put it across so beautifully with the due respect. I loved it.🤍

  2. Only with help from ‘Good Men’ can ‘bad’ behavior be changed. ‘Rape’ is a wrong kind of power. Sick and ugly. It is a sickness in some of male population to attack a smaller person, male or female. Grow up boys.

    1. While I agree that rape/sexual/indecent assault is an ugly thing it needs to be talked about. It’s a societal issue…look at the military right now. what part of shoving another mans face into a woman’s cleavage do you not understand? it’s nuts. I agree…guys need to start policing themselves. What if it were your sister? mother? auntie? wife? daughter? Come on!
      Thanks for stopping by Marianna. Very much appreciated.

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